2012.12.02.Chuo tunnel collaps

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Fig.1. Scheme of design of the Sasago tunnel by [1]

2012.12.02.Chuo tunnel collaps happened in Japan, Yamanashi Prefecture, near in Otsuki. The name of tunnel is Sasago

The collaps was accompanied by fire. At least five people are known to have died after being trapped inside their burning vehicle. [2].

The scheme of the tunnel (See Figire 1) by [1] indicates that perhaps, not the walls of the tunnel, but just the bottom of the venting corridor felt down.

After the accident, the inspection of all other tunnels is reported to be ordered [3].

Info by Russian agencies

The informational agency Rosbalt claims, that there was slide of the ground, the ground is reported to fall down. [4]. This information contradicts the reports by other agencies, that seem to be more careful. They report the falling of the concrete plate, bud to not indicate any slide of the ground. [5][6][7]


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