AMSE 2012 report

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Presentation at AMSE 2012 with slideshow [1]: recovery of superfunction from the transfer function by the regular iteration

The AMSE 2012. Report by Dmitrii Kouznetsov.

The 2012 Inernational conference on advances in materials science and engineering (AMSE 2012) took place 2012 September 27-28 in the conference-hall of the President Palace Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand [2].

Of order of a hundred talks were presented at the conference; some of them refer to the optical properties of new materials. I have presented the talk "RECOVERY OF PROPERTIES OF A MATERIAL FROM THE TRANSFER FUNCTION OF A BULK SAMPLE (THEORY)" [3], based on my recent results about evaluation of superfunctions. The additional example with the transfer function of the single–dimensional converter for catalytic oxidation (for ex. that of the carbon monoxide) is formulated during the conference. With cooperation of the organizers, the slideshow of the updated version [1] was available not only at the big screen, but also from the internet (and remains available at, with hopes for the industrial application in so-called "underdeveloped countries". After the sessions, my results were discussed with Daniel Kopkáně from the Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic.

From my point of view, the most interesting talk at the conference had been presented by Gerald Schaefer (Keynote speech entitled "Fuzzy role based Pattern Classification"); his talk caused discussion. The principles of the genetic algorithms suggested cold be used as base for the approach to the Bongard problem [4][5][6] and other topics of the artificial intellect. Also, the algorithm may be used for elaboration of the correct definition of the limit of resolution of the optical systems, that should depend not only on the NA and wavelength, but also on the contrast and noise of the image transmitted; the key parameter for the resolution should be formulated in terms of ability of the correct recognition of an object from its image; such definition is necessary for the correct evaluation of claims of the colleagues from the University of New Mexico about super-resolution in schemes with interferometric nanoscopy [7]. Such a definition is important for the understanding of the physical meaning of the Yulya function in microscopy and applicability of the interferometric microscopy. However, this option was not mentioned in the original slideshow by prof. G.Schaefer.

For year 2012, the general level of fundamental science in so-called "developing countries" remains lower, than that in Japan, USA, Canada, Western Europe and Australia. Hopes for the new technological applications of recent fundamental research were expressed at ASME 2012. Role of the international collaboration had been discussed. For the correct estimate of rate of development of science (especially applied one) in countries of Asia and South Pacific, several such conferences should be assisted and described.

2012 October 1, Dmitrii Kouznetsov.


  2. The 2012 Inernational conference on advances in materials science and engineering (AMSE 2012). AMSE 2012 will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, September 27-28, 2012 , which is sponsored by Singapore Society of Mechanical Engineers (SSME). After refereeing process, all accepted papers from AMSE 2012 will be published by Journal Advance Science Letters (ISSN: 1936-6612).
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