Absolutely cold tea

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Absolutely cold tea is concept of specification of temperature of tea, characterised in that, that the conversion into any convencial scale is not possible.

Motivated arguing

The concept Absolutely cold tea is used in the motivated arguing. Dmitri Beklemishev (see Female logic) suggests the example below:

As an exercise the reader may guess, what temperature (in °C) has the "absolutely cold" tea: +40, +18, +4, 0, -273?


Qualification "absolutely cold" is sometimes useful. It helps to recognize a non-scientific concept.

Also it helps at the writing of fricks. Such a qualification helps the reader to identify a frick.

For the same goal, quantities billion, quadrillion, sextilion, etc. can be used: these numbers have no established values; their values may differ for many orders of magnitude. This make these numbers especially useful for the money laundering: the criminal officials loan, say, billion rubles while the billion means 10^12, but return billion while its value is 10^9, getting almost 10^5 percent of interest. [1]. These numbers helps the reader to understand, that the author, who uses these terms, has no idea about even orders of magnitudes of the quantities he or she operates.


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https://www.futurescienceleaders.com/surrey1/2018/12/04/its-absolutely-cold/ Future Science Leaders: Discover - Surrey Session. It’s Absolutely Cold!

https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g190454-d6476947-r730173838-Natraj_Indisches_Restaurant-Vienna.html Average food and delivered absolutely cold


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