Black hole by Stern

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Black hole by Stern is the English translation of the Russian poem Черная дыра by Boris Stern (Борис Штерн)

Illustrations (exect the last one) are by Владимир Моренко, Marina Sobe_Panek, 2016. [1].

Black hole

B.Stern. Blackhole. Translation from Russian by D.Kouznetsov.
Pa, I had heared at the mall,
There was dicovered Blackhole,
I do not undertsand at all,
Who painted it so black, that Hall?
My daughter, these are not the same,
you mix the meanings of the name,
It may be good as sort of game,
There is no painter there, to blame.
One star was very big and bright
As other stars, emitting light,
But big and very heavy sight
Could not be long present all right..
Our neighbor fatty Jimmy Scarr,
When came to us to play guitar,
Had told, he suffers in small car.
But what is not all right with Star?
Each mass attracts another mass.
The most of stars of normal class
Resist with pressure of hot gas.
But heavy can't, and just collapse.
Attraction kept that star, then snap,
It's like a brutal heavy clap,
That star had broke as glassy cup,
And it became a hole, a gap.
Such hole pulls things in just one way,
It gets inside all it may,
And from inside, we can say,
No even light can get away.
Pa, I become afraid:
What danger are the holes you say!
And what if in one pretty day,
It pulls in us in just this way?
Don't worry, that black hole is new,
Because there are only few,
And far away, by Phys.Review.
We don't see them with normal view.
If such a hole cannot be seen
The talking don't have any mean.
That hole, I now doubt in:
Exist or not, it is not clean.
No staff from it can get away,
But we detect it anyway
The matter falling in one way
Sends us X-rays, so we can say.
The recent PRL does read,
The hole has a satellite
From where the matter it does eat,
Becoming heavier a bit.
This story sounds very trist
Imagine, one does here sit
And as that hole, from you does eat,
Without even poop a shit?
I am not a meal, I am strong enough
Your questions only make me laugh
And if one tries to byte me rough
I'll eat him, with all his staff.

Copyleft permission

Copyleft permission had been received from the Author in the following form:

I allow the free use and distribution of text of my song "Blackhole" and all its translaitons to other languages. Boris Stern, Dec 6, 2008.

However, In order to be honest, it is better to attribute the author and the source.


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