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China (Китай) is big country at the central Asia.

Some links about Cihna may have scientific interest; theu are collected in this article.

Scientific interest

China is biggest socialistic countries, that still remains in centiry 21. According to publications, China remains socialistic country and still keeps the cult of Mao Zedung.

Form the general concepts about socialism and communism, any socialistic country is expect to disrupt during few generations, because, the authoritar system is supposed to leaf to barbarian use and exhausting of the national resources; both the creative population and the mineral deposits.

On the other hand, many goods at the international market are made in China, and China does not show phenomena of collapse, typical for the USSR and the post-soviet Russia.

This contradiction causes the scientific interest.

References Justin McCurry in Tokyo. Chinese media accuse Japanese manga star Doraemon of subverting youth. The Guardian, Thursday 9 October 2014 15.06 BST Robotic cat, which is the subject of an exhibition touring China, is portrayed as Japanese propaganda tool by some newspapers.


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