Crazy taylor

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Crazy taylor (Сумасшедший портной) is short fairy tale, legend about Math. The story is copyasted here from Chapter 20 of book Superfunctions [1]

Crazy taylor

Оne-legged friend of one Taylor asked him to sew the special one leg pants.

He payed well for the custom pants, but he needed also the pants for his dog, who, as himself, had lost one leg long time ago. Taylor sewed the pants for that 3-leg dog. The pants were beautiful, and friend of friend asked him the same for his normal, 4-leg dog..

The story is long, the starfishеs and octopuses are mentioned there. En fin, the Taylor had elaborated tools to sew pantaloons for creatures with arbitrary number \(n\) of legs. And if tomorrow some extraterrestrials with \(n\) legs come, the Taylor already has pantaloons for them.


  1. Dmitrii Kouznetsov. Superfunctions. Lambert Academic Publishing, 2020, page 289. .. Perhaps, I should explain, why I had spent so many efforts on this. I think, the best explanation is to remind the old folkloric story below. ..


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