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Ax by [1]

It works! is the error message, that appears in the frame of a browser while one tries to access the URL Localhost, using the apache software at the poor configuration [2][3].

Sometimes, the sentence It works! is stored in file /Library/Webserver/Documents/index.html.en and can be substituted to something meaningful. In other cases, the content of file /Library/Webserver/Documents/index.html.en does not affect the look of sites localhost nor and it requires serious efforts to locate the file that produces the error message.

The path to the secret file, that generate message It works! can be cracked with the appropriate hummer or ax. In Linux and Macintosh operational system, the efficient ax seems to be

ls -ax

Attempts to solve the problem indicated with sentence "It works!"

In general, sentence It works! in the frame of a browser has meaning, opposite to that it could have in the common English. Sentence It works! indicates, that something is wrong with the server, and it does not work as follows. In some cases, the experienced administrators can solve the problem. The hints to do this are available [4]:

ps -ax

6200E-ax by [5]

Many colleagues suggest various hints about guessing the location of the apache root directory. Some of them are listed in the article apache.

The most efficient seems to be command ps -ax ; it returns the list, that can be used to guess, which apache directory is used as default.

With this ax, the secret of location of the Apache root directory can be broken (cracked, revealed).


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