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The preflight by the orthodox bishop, 2011
Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church performs the black magia to destroy the cosmic rocket Proton–M 2015.05.16

Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center (Государственный космический научно-производственный центр имени М. В. Хруничева), located at 18, Novozavodskaya St., 121087 Moscow, RUSSIA, (\(\alpha=55.756389\), \(\delta=37.4875\)) [2][3], is the Russian organization, famous for the development and launching to the orbit of the satellite Yubuleiny [4] with the perpetual motion device called gravitsapa on board [5].(Gravitsapa is one of 4 inertioids of different kinds installed there.) The leaders of the Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center pretend to design apparatus that contradict the fundamental laws of conservation.

Origen of the name

The center is named after Mikhail Khrunichev, a Soviet minister. Wikipedia gives to the center positive recommendation [6].


According to Forbes Vladimir Nesterov (Нестеров Владимир Евгеньевич) is general director of the Center since year 2005. [7],

The dates indicate that the extensive development of inertioids begun soon after he got such a position.

Successful branch

The Maximov Space Systems Research Institute seems to be one of the most successful branches of the Khrunichev Center; at least the director Valery Menshikov characterizes the institute in such a way [8]. The institute is known by the spending of huge finantial support for the development of inertioids [9]. Four inertioids were launched to the space in 2008 in the satellite Yubileiny [4]. One of them, gravitsapa got most publicity [10][5][11]. The devices pretends to violate the fundamental laws of physics. Several specialists had indicated that [12].

Money laundering

After the development of gravitsapa and other perpetual motion machines, the loss of satellites [13] cannot add much to the concept of this center as the criminal association for the money washing. Such a concept agrees with news about the buying of expensive properties in foreign countries by the top Russian officials [14].

Up to year 2011, no sanctions with respect to Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center seem to be applied; the center continues to spend the federal budget of the Russian Federation for the pseudo–scientific projects.


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