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Cover of book by Kozo Okudaira, 1982

Kozo Okudaira ( こぞ おくだいら, 1936.08.26 – 1979.06.07) is Japanese engineer, participated in planning of Tokyo city.


1936.08.26, Kozo Okudaira born at Shanghai.

1959-1962, Kozo works at Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation.

1964-1979, Kozo works as associate Professor, Dr. in Engineering at the Department of Urban Engineering, the University of Tokyo.

1961.11.08, Kozo Okudaira marries with Kyoko Hasegawa ( きょうこ はせがわ); she changes her name to Kyoko Okudaira (きょうこ おくだいら). Twice Kyoko gets pregnant and gives light to two daughters.

1979.06.07, Kozo Okudaira dies.

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