Kyoko Okudaira

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Kozo and Kyoko , 1961.11.08
Kyoko Okudaira at Chofu Greenhall, 2007.09.21

Kyoko Okudaira (きょうこ おくだいら, 1936.07.15 – 2016.02.19 ) is Japanese singer and administrator ("secretary") of Institute for Laser Science.


1936.07.15, Kyoko born in family of Hiroshi Hasegawa and Leiko Hasegawa at Tokyo.

Family: Kozo Okudaira

1936.08.26, Kozo Okudaira born at Shanghai.

1959-1962, Kozo works at Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation. [1]

1964-1979, Kozo works as associate Professor, Dr. in Engineering at the Department of Urban Engineering, the University of Tokyo.

1961.11.08, Kyoko marries with Kozo Okudaira and changes her last name from Hasegawa to Okudaira.

Twice Kyoko got pregnant and gave light to two daughters.

1979.06.07, Kozo Okudaira dies.


1958–1968, Kyoko works at the Tokyo University as Researcher and secretary to Prof.Shigeichi Moriguchi, Department of Mathematical Engineering and Information Physics, the University of Tokyo.

1982–1983, Kyoko works at UEC, office of the Department of Physical Science and Engineering (since century 21, the Department of Engineering Science [2]).

1983–2012, at the Institute for Laser Science, at the same university as secretary of the first director, professor Hiroshi Takuma.

Since 2013, Kyoko has problem with health and cannot perform her duties.


2016.02.19, Kyoko dies at the Asahi Nagano Hospital, coordinates: 36.6557, 138.2046

2016.02.21, the funeral takes place at 36.65007, 138.22300

2016.05.01, Kyoko has been burred together with Kozo Okudaira at Kamakura thumb.


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