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Magnitsky list (Список Магнитского) combines the Russian officials who are believed to participate in the murder of Sergei Magnitsky in 2009.

Administrations of the USA and Europe tries to reduce the import of corruption from Russia. The case of Sergei Magnitsky seems to be most proven and supported with evidence of the criminal activity of the Russian officials.

2012 June 27, the project of Law against persons from the Magnitsky list passed the USA Senate panel. [1].

2012 July 8, The Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) passed the so-called Magnitsky resolution at its 21st annual session in Monaco on Sunday. [2]. This event is considered as important step to stop the spreading of the "blood money" of the Russian terrorists in Europe. Such a step is believed to help the Russian people to fight against the corruption and terror in their country. The official publication of the list is expected to appear in year 2012. The unofficial Russian version of the list is available at Vera [3].

The civilized countries are expected to accept the laws agains the Russian corruptioners, associated with the Magnitsky list. Then the Rissian mafia will have problems performing the money laundry in the USA and Europe. This may preserve these country from the growth of corruption observed in Russia since the beginning of century 21.

The Russian Duma replied the Magnitsky Act with prohibition of adoption or Russian orphans to be adopted by the American families. Many people consider such a reply as barbarian, and suggest to Identify Russian law-makers jeopardizing lives of Russian orphans responsible under "Magnitsky Act". [4].


2014.04.02, Names of persons from the Russian administration, who are believed to kill Sergei Magnitsky, is announced by Europarliament


ALISOV, Igor, born 11 March 1968;
DROGANOV, Aleksey (a.k.a. DROGANOV, Alexei), born 11 October 1975;
EGOROVA, Olga, born 29 June 1955;
GAUS, Alexandra, born 29 March 1975;
GERASIMOVA, Anastasia, born 22 January 1982;
GRIN, Victor, born 1 January 1951;
KARPOV, Pavel, born 27 August 1977;
KHIMINA, Yelena (a.k.a. KHIMINA, Elena), born 11 February 1953;
KLYUEV, Dmitry (a.k.a. KLYUEV, Dmitriy or KLYUEV, Dmitri), born 10 August 1967;
KOMNOV, Dmitriy (a.k.a. KOMNOV, Dmitri), born 17 May 1977;
KRIVORUCHKO, Aleksey (a.k.a. KRIVORUCHKO, Alex or KRIVORUCHKO, Alexei), born 25 August 1977;
KUZNETSOV, Artem (a.k.a. KUZNETSOV, Artyom), born 28 February 1975;
LOGUNOV, Oleg, born 4 February 1962;
MAYOROVA, Yulya (a.k.a. MAYOROVA, Yulia), born 23 April 1979;
PAVLOV, Andrey (a.k.a. Pavlov, Andrei), born 7 August 1977;
PECHEGIN, Andrey (a.k.a. PECHEGIN, Andrei), born 24 September 1965;
PODOPRIGOROV, Sergei, born 8 January 1974;
PONOMAREV, Konstantin, born 14 August 1971;
PROKOPENKO, Ivan Pavlovitch, born 28 September 1973;
REZNICHENKO, Mikhail, born 20 February 1985;
SAPUNOVA, Marina, born 19 June 1971;
SHUPOLOVSKY, Mikhail, born 28 September 1983;
SILCHENKO, Oleg, born 25 June 1977;
STASHINA, Yelena (a.k.a. STASHINA, Elena or STASHINA, Helen), born 5 Nov 1963;
STEPANOVA, Olga, born 29 July 1962;
STROITELEV, Denis, born 23 January 1973;
TAGIEV, Fikhret, born 3 April 1962;
TOLCHINSKIY, Dmitry (a.k.a. TOLCHINSKY, Dmitriy or TOLCHINSKIY, Dmitri), born 11 May 1982;
UKHNALYOVA, Svetlana (a.k.a. UKHNALEV, Svetlana or UKHNALEVA, Svetlana V.), born 14 March 1973;
URZHUMTSEV, Oleg, born 22 October 1968;
VINOGRADOVA, Natalya, born 16 June 1973;
VORONIN, Victor, born 11 February 1958.


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More references are available in the Russian version Список Магнитского.


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