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Drawing of X2F25, X5973 or XF981 [1]

Term Onna (おんな) or "onna" may refer to one of the following three Unicode characters:
12069 (X2F25, ), KanjiRadical
22899 (X5973, ), KanjiLiberal
63873 (XF981, ), KanjiConfudal

Onna may refer also to the set of these 3 characters.

Often, these characters are pronounced as "Onna" and refer to a woman, Human female [1]



At least three Unicode characters are related to sound Onna and the picture shown in Fig.1.
These characters are X2F25, X5973, XF981.

The Utf8 encoding can be revealed with the PHP program onna.t.
It is copypasted below.

include "uni.t";
echo "$a\n";
echo "The array has $N bytes; here is its splitting:\n";
for($n=0;$n<$N;$n++){ printf("%02x ",ord($a[$n]) ); }
echo "\n";

$b = mb_str_split($a);
for($m=0;$m<$M;$m++) {
printf("Unicode character number %05d id est, x%04X\n",$u,$u);
echo "Picture: $c uses $d bytes. These bytes are:\n";
for($n=0;$n<$d;$n++) printf("x%2X ",ord($c[$n]));
printf("in the hexadecimal representation and\n");
for($n=0;$n<$d;$n++) printf("%3d ",ord($c[$n]));
printf("in the decimal representation\n");

File uni.t also would be loaded for the execution; then, command

php onna.t

produces the output below:

The array has 9 bytes; here is its splitting:
e2 bc a5 e5 a5 b3 ef a6 81
array(3) {
  string(3) "⼥"
  string(3) "女"
  string(3) "女"

Unicode character number 12069 id est, x2F25
Picture: ⼥ uses 3 bytes. These bytes are:
xE2 xBC xA5 in the hexadecimal representation and
226 188 165 in the decimal representation

Unicode character number 22899 id est, x5973
Picture: 女 uses 3 bytes. These bytes are:
xE5 xA5 xB3 in the hexadecimal representation and
229 165 179 in the decimal representation

Unicode character number 63873 id est, xF981
Picture: 女 uses 3 bytes. These bytes are:
xEF xA6 x81 in the hexadecimal representation and
239 166 129 in the decimal representation


Dictionary Jisho suggest examples with sound onna [2]:

おんなざか 女坂 mother; female parent​

おんなきょうだい 女兄弟 the easier of two slopes​

女姉妹 【おんなきょうだい】 sisters; female siblings​

おんなかぶき 女歌舞伎 girls' kabuki​





Objects and subjects, denoted with term onna, often become targets or censorship.

The religious motivated reasoning (see Female logic) about "moral" and "ethics" is used by vestists for justification of aggression.

Various branches of vestism allow some parts of the human body to be exposed; the schematic degradation is shown in figure below.

Svetlana2.091.jpg Svetlana4.101a.jpg Svetlana6.110.jpg Svetlana8.120a.jpg Svetlana9.130b.jpg


Human, even a native Japanese speaker, looking at , , cannot guess, which of them is X2F25, which is X5973 and which is XF981.

Some software also confuse these characters; for example, the default Mediawiki replaces character XF981 to character X5973 without any warning. This may cause problems at automatic treat of data: in some cases the two objects are the same, and sometimes they are not. Similar confusion takes place at the careless use of term "equality" applied to triangles in geometry.

In a text, that assumes any kind of citing, for example, copypasting to frame of a brouser or any search engine, the characters, corresponding to sound onna should be specified as X2F25, X5973, XF981 rather than , , : the software confuse the last two characters.

For year 2021, this confusion is recognized and described [3][4][5].


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