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Revizor4 (ревизор4) is English version [1] of the parody (Ревизор2012) [2] from Vera.

Parts of this series: Revizor1, Revizor2, Revizor3, Revizor4. The text refers to the original story by N.Gogol [3].

Top secret

Warning. All the protocols of the Department of Monitoring of Russia are top secret. If you have downloaded such a protocol, remove it immediately after the reading, empty the waste basket, reinstall the operational system and clean the screen of your monitor with ethanol.

Triumph of Mrs. Gold

Mister White, Missis Gold, Mister Green, mister Black and Mister Brown enter the Meeting Room.

Mister White: All are here.. Ladies and Gentlemen. I open the session of the Department of Monitoring of Russia. Today missis Gold presents her report about the..

Missis Gold: Mister White, you did not tell me that this should be a formal report..

Misster White: well, let it be un-formal talk. By your face and smile, I see, your project succeeded?

Missis Gold: Yes!! Mister Pink liked it.

Mister Black (ironically): Uhm. Twice.

Missis Gold: Yes, but the continuation should be counted at least three times, because Obama had invited Putin, and he did twice, at the beginning and a the end. So, if you count, you should add me at least 5 point.

Mister Brown (with sarcasm): The friendship of the administration of the USA and the RF, sealed in the clearance of Missis Gold, has every reason to be lasting and firm.

Mister Black: Well, Missis Gold; perhaps, the details about your international boy-friendship you may omit; tell us about the project.

Missis Gold: First, the project passed well. You know, all the Federal Assembly voted for this project. And then, Putin signed it just December 28, the day of Massacre of the Innocents. Everybody believe that this is his will.

Mister White: Are you sure?

Missis Gold: Yes. The same day December 28, Gundiaev got a huge block at the cemetery, especially to burry all their orphan children.

Mister Green: Sounds as a Nazi extermination camp..

Mister Green: Is it so important, the day 28?

Missis Gold: Yes. Mister Pink told, that this is symbolic. Since now, without our support, Putin would fall within a week; the most of population consider him as a monster, devil in flesh. We continue to keep them all..

Mister White: With the Ezhov's gloves, as Russians say.

Mister Brown: As you see, we do not need many agents for this.

Mister White: Nobody doubts in the Putin's cruelty. But every year, we need new proofs of his obedience. What did Obama suggest?

Missis Gold: Obama had suggested that Putin employs some foreign actor, who does not speak Russian, as minister of culture.

Mister White: Was that a joke?

Missis Gold: Yes, of course. But Putin was very excited; it seems, he did not realize that Obama is kidding. Perhaps, it would be better to ask Putin to employ as minister of culture his dog!

Mister Black: No difference. The same "Bark, Bark".

Mister White: Well, but the minister of culture of Russia is supposed to be Russian..

Mister Brown: Not a big deal. Putin is rich enough to employ any actor.. Spending some 10% of budget of Russia, he may employ even a troop of famous artists, and give them all the Russian citizenship within a day! You underestimate abilities of the dictatorship in the bureaucratic affairs.

Mister White: Mister Brown, I think, you exaggerate.. Do you think, Putin will employ the professional artists for his administration?

Mister Brown: Why not? Adolf Hitler also was a good artist.. Obama gave Putin the great idea: the circus should be performed by the professional actors.

Mister Green: Missis Gold, did they specify date for this clownade?

Missis Gold: Putin had promised this for "very beginning of the January".

Mister White: Hope, we'll get the confirmation very soon.. As Russians say, "putzan said, putzan does".

Mister Brown: At least, Putin respects the orders of his boss.

Mister Black: I see, mister Brown likes this.

Misyer Brown: Mister Black, you know, I do not like this at all. From my side, this is just constatation of things that are happening.

"Minister of Culture" by [5]

Mister Green: It would be interesting to see, whom will they employ to play the "Minister of Culture".

Missis Brown: As I understand Missis Gold, we'll get the confirmation within a week.

Mister White: Anyway, we congratulate Missis Gold with her great success!


Missis Gold: Thank you very much!

Mister White: If no more comments.. So, I close the meeting. Thanks to all!


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