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StickPi is set of the following Unicode characters:

X2E90 , KanjiRadical

X2F2A , KanjiRadical

X5C22 , KanjiLiberal

These kanjis have similar pictures, similar pronunciations (for example, Mageashi) and similar meaning, referring to someone seriously injured, hardly walking (if at al).



The computer support of Japanese characters is still underdeveloped.

Up to year 2021, no unuted standard for the defult vont is established, that would allot each character look similarly at various computers, but different from other characters. In particular, this applies to chacters of StickPi.

Even a native Japanese speaker, watching characters , , , is unlikely to answer:
Which or them is X2E90?
Which or them is X2F2A?
Which or them is X5C22?

In such a case, the correct specification of the character is "X2E90  or X2F2A  or X5C22 "

Term StickPi is defined as short substitute of this long construction.


Set StickPi is subset of set Radical 43. Characters of StickPi look distinguishable from other characters of Radical 43.

The semantic of characters StickPi is basically the same, as that of Radical 43; each of characters StickPi indicates to some injured person, human or animal. Literally the sorb Mageashi may refer to some problem with leg(s): trauma, illness, amputation, atrophy. This corresponds to the non-equal "legs" of picture . In century 21, the same kanji(s) may refer to any serious injury; for example, that of hand(s).

Most of descriptions revers to the , KanjiLiberal. Those deccriptions are not repeated here.


On the base of meanings, suggested in the literature, the relevant images had been searched; here are some results:

PerovTea.jpg InvalidComminism.jpg BidstrupAvardsHeroFragme.png CORPfK3WUAAiDy-.jpeg P-zw6ViBUJc.jpg WomanBrokenLeg800wm.jpeg Leg-amputee-woman-nude.jpg HandicappedGirlBeach05.jpg Amputee16521708b7d54b120da42f5fa4edbbbf.jpg Mageashi667 1000.jpg Amptuee37ecb51b8af05f6fe0901b29fe1d49ad.jpg Teen24068868.jpg Amputee3 138.jpg LameDogDraw.jpeg GelsominoPic 9.jpg DisabledGirlBrokenLeg.jpg DisabledNerdCrutches.jpg ManBrokenLeg240.jpg



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