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\title{Notes on the cascade decay}
The non-coherent cascade decay and its role in contamination at the nuclear disaster
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This research is motivated by multitude of popular publications that refer to contamination of the ground around places of
nuclear disasters, in particular, the Chernobyl disaster, stressing importance of the cascade decay, namely,
the particular, the part of the decay chain
^{241}_{~94}Pu \xrightarrow[15.4~y]{\beta^-,~ 21\,KeV} {}
^{241}_{~95}Am \xrightarrow[432.7\,y]{\alpha,\, 4.959\,MeV}
{}^{237}_{~96}Np \xrightarrow[2.4 \times 10^6\,y]{\alpha,~4.958 \,MeV}
\mathrm{^{233}_{91}Pa} ~.\,.\,.
%$\mathrm{{}^{235}_{\ 92}U\xrightarrow[7,038 \times 10^8 \ a]{\alpha }{}^{231}_{\ 90}Th\xrightarrow[25,52 \ h]{\beta^-\ }{}^{231}_{\ 91}Pa\xrightarrow[3,276 \times 10^4 \ a]{\alpha }{}^{227}_{\ 89}Ac\xrightarrow[21,773 \ a]{ \beta^-\ }{}^{227}_{\ 90}Th\xrightarrow[18,718 \ j]{\alpha}{}^{223}_{\ 88}Ra\xrightarrow[11,434 \ j]{\alpha }{}^{219}_{\ 86}Rn}$
$\rm ^{241}_{~95}Am$ is considered as the most dangerous for humans, as is it difficult to detect with the most of Geiger counters (that are efficient for beta radiation).

The common properties of these article are: the most important parameters (amount of the contaminant releases, its maxim concentration, still allowed by the state regulations, observed concentration, etc.) are usually just missed.
So, the publications look as an advertisement of the old idea "against any bad, for all good!".
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Goal of this article is to analyse claims about specific danger of the cascade decay.


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ЗЯЛЁНЫ ПАРТАЛ, 2016.05.23.

All plutonium isotopes are either fissile or fertile, although [[plutonium-242]] needs to absorb 3 neutrons before becoming fissile [[curium]]-245; in thermal reactors isotopic degradation limits the plutonium recycle potential. About 1\% of [[spent nuclear fuel]] from current [[LWR]]s is plutonium, with approximate isotopic composition
Pu-239 52\%, Pu-240 24\%, Pu-241 15\%, Pu-242 6\%, Pu-238 2\%.
%52\% {{nuclide|Plutonium|239|link=yes}}, 24\% {{nuclide|Plutonium|240|link=yes}}, 15\% {{nuclide|Plutonium|241|link=yes}}, 6\% {{nuclide|Plutonium|242|link=yes}} and 2\% {{nuclide|Plutonium|238|link=yes}} when the fuel is first removed from the reactor.\\
Плутоний составляет порядка 1\% от облучённого ядерного топлива. Приблизительное изотопное соотношение: Pu-239 52\%, Pu-240 24\%, Pu-241 15\%, Pu-242 6\%, Pu-238 2\%.

NDA Plutonium Options. SMS Plutonium Topic Strategy, August 2008 - October 2008.
Table 1: Examples of the types of variation in plutonium composition produced from different sources