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Tartaria01e is version of Tartaria01 with reduced use of Russian.

Tartaria01e is First chapter of Utopia about Tartaria.

The concept is presented about the the better rearrangement of a country, that looks similar to Russia. The idealistic view is presented, following traditions of the genre Utopia.

Some names used in this Utopia may sound similar with the commonly accepted geographic terms. However, this is only occasion. The same apply to dates Thесе similarities are occasional. The same apply to some other terms.

Ruvim Pechor

For years, Ruvim Pechor lived in a cheap rental flat at suburbian of Springfield, earning his living by occasional translations. A residence permit allowed him to take on any job, which he, in fact, did, in despair of finding work in his specialty. From time to time, some employers considered his “Curriculum” to make impression of competition of applicants for the position created especially to employ some specific person. Some of Ruvim's colleagues sent him greetings to which he sluggishly responded. With this, his communication with the outside world was limited.

Before that, Ruvim got reputation of a brawler and an eccentric, who doesn't know where the fish is hidden in sushi (and how to eat it, combining business with pleasure). Ruvim had been alerted, that his publications provoke doubts about success of the whole Project. Then, Boss recommended not to publish the last analysis of the statistical significance of the medical efficiency of extracts from the new (genetically modified) plants. The publication was unwanted, because it could cause doubt in efficiency of quantum genetics, user to create new species to be used in drug industry.. Ruvim did not withdraw the submission of his manuscript. Boss got furious. Ruvim had been fired with pretext "failure of his direct duties".

Ruvim's hopeless life was interrupted by a strange letter. The dean of the Faculty of Biology of the GNUT (Galia National University of Tartaria), Lesli Landov offered Ruvim the position of professor.

Ruvim never sent an application to Tartaria. Moreover, Ruvim did not remember any scientific article written by colleagues from Tartaria. Ruvim did not even know, that there is University at Tartaria.

Ruvim knew, that his Homeland country does not exist anymore. He knew, that some banditic, slavish states "Tartaria" (or "United States of Tartaria"), slightly "united" and regulated by the International Army, are reported to be created at the devasted land.
As for the "University" there - it looked just strange.

However, Ruvim was fascinated by the fact, that Landov had promised to reimburse transportation costs, id est, to buy the tickets for Ruvim, regardless of whether they accept Ruvim for a job or not. There was nothing to lose, and Ruvim agreed.

Ruvim warned his Landlord, that he probably cannot extend the contract for another year. Ruvim suggested that the Landlord sells or just trough out the rest of Ruvim's stuff as soon as the contract expires.


Kristovina Airport was represented by the quite decent runway, big hangar, control tower, and 2-store building with banner: “KRISTOVINA AIRPORT. WELCOME”

Passengers and luggage had been unloaded directly to the pavement near the airplane. Ruvim had been expected something similar from the "Fourth word" (id set, not-developing) country.

(oops.. the rest is not there..)