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// Tet2f4c.cin is routine for evaluation of tetration to base 2. // in order to use it, files GLxw2048.inc and tet2f2048.inc should be also loaded.

//z_type Zo=z_type(.31813150520476413, 1.3372357014306895);
//z_type Zc=z_type(.31813150520476413,-1.3372357014306895);

//#include "zo.inc"
z_type Zo=z_type( 0.824678546142074, 1.567432123849648);
z_type Zc=z_type( 0.824678546142074,-1.567432123849648);
DB L=log(2.);// 0.693147180559945
z_type Q=z_type( 0.205110688544989, 1.086461157365470);// =L*Zo+log(L)
z_type T=z_type( 5.584142435543391, 1.054218360336937);

#include "GLxw2048.inc"
//DB L=log(2.);

z_type f4(z_type z){ //NOT SHIFTED FOR x1 !!!!


        //K and A are defined there
         int j,k,m,n; DB x,y, u, t; z_type c,d, cu,cd;
// z_type E[K],G[K];
        z_type E[2048],G[2048];
// the initioalization abouve should run at the compillation
        DO(k,K){t=A*GLx[k]; c+= GLw[k]*( G[k]/(z_type( 1.,t)-z) - E[k]/(z_type(-1.,t)-z) );}
        cu=.5-I/(2.*M_PI)*log( (z_type(1.,-A)+z)/(z_type(1., A)-z) );
        cd=.5-I/(2.*M_PI)*log( (z_type(1.,-A)-z)/(z_type(1., A)+z) );
        return c*(A/(2.*M_PI)) +Zo*cu+Zc*cd;

// #include "figx1.inc"
DB x1= 0.0262474248816494;

z_type F4(z_type z){ DB x=Re(z);
// DB L=log(2.);
                        if(x<-.5) return log(F4(z+1.))/L;
                        if(x> .5) return exp(F4(z-1.)*L);
                        return f4(z+x1);

// Cateogry:Book