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YamazakiGoogle.jpg Google view of Yamazaki Boots


04560yamazaki.jpg Yamazaki sensei, 2020.12.23

Yamazaki Boots is shoe repair shop at Setagaya (世田谷), Tokyo.

Official name [1]: 下高井戸 山崎靴修理店

Official site: http://repair-yamazaki.com/access/


4-chōme-35-19 Akatsutsumi, Setagaya City, Tokyo 156-0044

Coordinates: 35.66389, 139.64157


Yamazaki sensei

Poor glue

For the shoe repair, the special glue is used. Yamazaki sensei qualifies it as "best". The description is shown at image below; at right, the result of use of this glue is shown:

04557notepu.jpg 04558boot.jpg 04559boot.jpg

The pictures are made 2020.12.23, at the moment of receiving of the repared boots. The reparation took 30 days, since 2020.11.22 to 2020.12.23. The bottom of the boot happen to be easy to unglue with one finger. The glue seems to be manufactured by the Notape company [2].


Information about the Yamazaki Boots is collected at TORI for the scientific interests.
The goal is to get strong boots suitable for walking at mounts.

The owner of the shot tried to do his best.
Perhaps, the poor quality of reparation is not his quilt. Many other boots show the similar behaviour; the glue used in the boot industry is weak, poor, bad. The examples are shown in the gallery below:

Badshoose-300x199.jpg BootBrokenAPB.jpg Loctite-us-seo-shoe-glue-2.jpg Trekking-shoe-broken-intensive-use-76297519.jpg KrarfwerkFragment.jpg BootSoleSmall1.jpg Asolo-boots-failed.jpg 04365boots.jpg

Based on the experience described in the previous section, one may suspect, that the glue by the Notape had been used at the manufacturing of the boots shown in the gallery.


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