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焼山, 黍殻山, 姫次, 丹沢 [1]

2021.07.31.Hike refers to walk from Hirado (平戸) at mount Matsutakeyama 松茸山 through months Yakiyama and Kibigara to mount Himetsugu
and then, 2021.08.01, to
mounts Hirudake, Tanzawa to Shionomizu bridge and Miyagase lake.

Some original pictures are loaded below.


04966yakiyamaHiradoBoard.jpg 04968yakiyama30.jpg 04969yakiyamaBoard.jpg 04970Himetsugu43.jpg 04971himetsugu34.jpg 04972himetsugu32.jpg 04973himetsugu24.jpg 04974himetsugu26.jpg 04975kibigaraShelter3.jpg 04976bus47.jpg 04977map.jpg 04978view.jpg 04979himetsugu10.jpg 04980bus.jpg 04981trail.jpg 04982monorail.jpg 04983sodehira06.jpg 04984himetsuguMap.jpg 04986tent.jpg 04987view.jpg 04989fuji.jpg 04990fujiZoom.jpg 04991fuji.jpg 04992fujiZoom.jpg 04993trail.jpg 04994boots.jpg 04995hirugatake25.jpg 04996Hirugatake20.jpg 04997Hirugatake16.jpg 05000view.jpg 05001view.jpg 05002bridge.jpg 05003fuji.jpg 05004fuji.jpg 05005view.jpg 05006fuji.jpg 05008view.jpg 05009view.jpg 05010view.jpg 05011tanzawa33.jpg 05012Himetsugi33.jpg 05013map.jpg 05014shelter.jpg 05017view.jpg 05018trail.jpg 05019view.jpg 05021flowers.jpg 05024view.jpg 05025tanzawa25.jpg 05028fuji.jpg 05029hirugatake.jpg 05030trail.jpg 05031tanzawa17.jpg 05032tanzawa14.jpg 05033view.jpg 05034tanzawa11.jpg 05036caterpillar.jpg 05037tanzawa01.jpg 05038tent.jpg


On the way, one mount, 姫次, caused confusion. It happens to have at least 3 different English spellings:

Name Himetugi appears at the boards along the trail from Himetugi to Hurugatake.

Name Himetsugi is suggested by Wikipedia [2] uses name Himetsugi: ".. Mount Himetsugi (1,433 m or 4,701 ft) .."

Name Himetsugu is suggested by Google maps [3] and the Google translation of word 姫次 [4]

All the three names refer to the same object. Attempts to "correct" some of the three spellings (or, even worse, to put the "redirect"s) should be suppressed in the most radical and categoric way.


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Japan, Himetsugi, Himetsugu, Himetugi, Tanzawa, Yakiyama

焼山, 黍殻山, 姫次, 丹沢

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