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Explicit plots of SuFac and that of factorial from [1]

SuFac, or super factorial, is superfunction of Factorial constructed with regular iteration at the fixed point \(L\!=\!2\) with additional condition \(\mathrm{suFac}(0)\!=\!3\).

Explicit plot \(y\!=\!\mathrm{SuFac}(x)\) is shown in figure at right with blue curve in comparison with graphic of factorial, \(y\!=\!\mathrm{Factorial}(x)\), shown with red line.

The numerical implementation in C++ of SuFac is loaded as sufac.cin.

References D.Kouznetsov, H.Trappmann. Superfunctions and square root of factorial. Moscow University Physics Bulletin, 2010, v.65, No.1, p.6-12. Д,Кузнецов, Г.Траппманн. Суперфункции и корень их факториала. Вестник Московского Университета, серия 3, 2010, стр.8-14)


Book, Factorial, Superfunction