Pedro Guerillo

Independence of Texas

There is also Spanish version of this text.

D: Good morning! May I see don Jose Pedro Guerillo?

J: That's me! Hello, amigo! Come in, please!

D: I am Dmitrii Kouznetsov. I represent the newpaper "Volatiles Internacionales". I would like to know your point of view..

J: Oh, that's good that you come! I'll say you everytihng! Take a seat, please... What would you like to drink? The pulque is delicious!.. May be you prefer some more serious?.. How about Mezcal?

D: Pulque, but, better, later. I am not resistant to the alcohol.

J: Pulque is not alcohol. You look as a small chick!

D: May I use my computer?

J: Yes, of course. How about some juice?

D: Well.. With water... Merci..

J: You should say to the people about our town and our struggle.

D: I shall try to write out that you say.. The juice is delicious...

J: Write out, that the gringos do not respect us at all.

D: do not respect at all.

J: Let the World know about our problems.

D: Well, tell me about your problems.

J: You should write out all the true about us!

D: I shall do that I can.. Until I understand.

J: I see, you understand well, camarado. The problem is that these fucking gringos do not understand anything! These assholes understand close to nothing!

D: Jose, if we write for the gringos, it is not a good idea, to begin with "fucking" and "assholes".

J: But how not to write "fucking assholes", if they are fucking assholes; that is true!

D: Don Pedro, please, let us leave out the terminology and tell me about the problems of the people. You promised to explain all.

J: Obviously, I'll explain all! For example, the discrimination is horrible. None of us can get any normal employment..

D: If some mexicans are rich here?

J: There are some. But they are betrayers; they also do not like to employ the real mexicans; they dislike any latinos. So, they behave as a malditos gringos. Some of them, can you imagine, they do not speak Spanish. They speak worse, than you do!

D: Hence, the main your problem is the language?

J: This is not our problem! This is problem of gringos! They robed Texas from Mexico! They are aggressors!

D: Hence, the main problem is about relation between the USA and Mexico?

J: The main problem is the gringos!

D: Jose, I am a bit slow, you should explain in details. For example, how can we define "the gringos"?

J: Dimitri, how is it possible, that you do not know, who are gringos?

D: Can we define them as "white people who live at the North America and have the USA citizenship"?

J: It would be more correct to say that they are fucking assholes; that is all about them!

D: May I say that the main problem is the poor relation between Latinos and Americans?

J: You are from the same pool: "latinos", "latinos"... As if our antecedents did not live here when the malditos Europeos came. WE are Americans; and this land should be ours!

D: Hence, the problem is the land? The Americans, well, "gringos", they do not respect your property, do they robe your land?

J: Yes, this is as if they would robe it. With the taxes and the credit. They give us some money, but then, for this money, they robe our land! Then, they run out our peons with the police, and move us to the reservations!

D: May I conclude that the problem is the credit?

J: The problem is los gringos! How can't you understand so simple thing?

D: Perhaps, there are many people who want to separate Texas from the USA and join it to Mexico?

J: You understand nothing! Why should we return to Mexico? Many people risk with their lives, crossing the border, in order to get from Mexico to the USA; and you want us to be back into Mexico?

D: Hence, it is about the independence of Texas?

J: How can we live, independent? You see, it is just a desert here! And, also, do you want us to pay for the entry permit each time, when we go to other states? Look around, how dry is the land. But we also need the green forrests, the rains.. Gringos have all this!

D: Hence, the problem is climate; there are not enough rains...

J: Dimitrii, I explain you that the problem is the gringos! Are you a provoker? If so, then, better, get out from my home!

D: Sorry for that. I am not a provoker, I just...

J: I understand! You are one of them! Get out! Now!

D: As you like, then.. Have a good day..

J: Bye!


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