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X2E9F is Unicode character number 11935, KanjiRadical
uses 3 bytes: %e2%ba%9f; 226 186 159 in the decimal representation.

X2E9F can be pronounced as Haha (はは) and refer to mother [1][2].

X2E9F is easy to confuse [1] with character X6BCD [3] that has similar image, similar pronunciation and similar meaning.



The computer support of Japanese characters is underdeveloped. Up to year 2021, there is no unique standout default font, that would allow each character to look the same at various computers, but different from other characters. In particular, this confusion refers to .

Characters X2E9F and X6BCD look similar.

and view at your computer

HahaLb.png view at Linux

HahaMb.png view at Macintosh

At the default Macintosh font, these two characters look the same; even native Japanese speaker, watching and , is unlikely to answer:
Which of them is X2E9F?
Which of them is X6BCD?

In order to avoid confusions,
the Hexadecimal numbers X2E9F and X6BCD,
or Romanji Haha
or Hiragana はは
can be used instead of characters and .

Phonetic and semantic

In the literature, neither phonetic nor semantic difference between characters X2E9F and X6BCD is observed.

Character X6BCD seems to be more popular than X2E9F ; the most of descriptions refer to X6BCD . [4]

These descriptions are not repeated here.

In Basic Japanese, only one Kanji and only one sound are allowed in this meaning.


Following the descriptions in the dictionaries, the related pictures had been searched. Some of the results are shown below.

Img-of-media-slide-191394.jpg Img-of-media-slide-190987.jpg MotherBreastfeeding14136.jpg DressedMomFeeds.jpg IndianMom612.jpg BlackMom.jpeg BlackWichChildren218.jpg BlackMomChildRiver.jpg JapanMotherChild612.jpg MuslimMomBikeFragment.jpg KunQ.jpg


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