Aleksandr Lukashenko

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Aleksandr Lukashenko is winner of the IgNobel premium of year 2013 for banning of public applauses [1].

Also, Lukashenko is known as a president of Belarus and abuses that follow from that position.


Belarus, Soviet veteran, USSR, Corruption, Terror, Fascism IgNobel


  1. RICHARD VALDMANIS. One-armed clapper, parboiled shrew earn Ig Nobel spoof awards. Thu Sep 12, 2013 8:40pm EDT .. Thursday's winners also included Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko and his security detail, who took the Ig Nobel Peace Prize for making it illegal to applaud in public and for jailing a one-armed man for allegedly violating that law.// Lukashenko banned public clapping in 2011 after political dissidents seeking to avoid tough regulations on public rallies began spontaneous clapping protests in the streets. Lukashenko was not expected to attend Thursday's Ig Nobel ceremony.// "We're not able to get in touch with him... But we saw enough reports from enough places that we're pretty certain that what he's being honored for is well-deserved," said Abrahams.