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Churchill about Russia (Черчилль о России) is Emulation from samizdat [1]

About Russia

Actions by Russians are not predictable. But the general trend is clear and allows simple forecast. Bolsheviks killed their farmers with hunger. They flooded the fertile lands, to make the hydroelectric power plants. Regions of agriculture are polluted with the nuclear industry. Russians have low density of population, but they contaminated their fields so heavily, that they have to buy grain. I thought that I will die of old age, but now I know that I will die of laughter.

Stalin grabbed the agrarian country and turned it into a concentration camp and nuclear dump. Lenin could derived Russians from the swamp, where he brought them. But they successfully poisoned Lenin.

After a couple of generations, Russians will degrade even more; they will not be able to explore even the mineral deposits; they'll have to invite workers from China for this. People will die, and the "nomenclature" and their servants will buy from us the luxury and other goods, selling the concessions. For the communist leaders, this is most profitable business. We can prevent new military aggression from Russia. So, in the interests of the UK (and other Western countries) is to preserve the USSR as long as possible: it is source of cheap raw materials and a good market to dump the poor quality products. Russians destroy cybernetics and genetics - this is good for us; we'll sell to the USSR the seeds and the electronic devices. In addition, for a symbolic fee, we'll deposit at Russia the nuclear waste. As we stop the Soviet expansion, the Soviets will destroy themselves without any effort from our side. We'll buy the leaders of the Soviet veterans, and they'll buy from us the rope to hung each other.


  1. Letter by Churchill to Andreeva.


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