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Gesheft means business (sometimes not so clean), beneficial negotiation, good deal, profit, income, financial interest.


Perhaps, the word gesheft comes from the Yiddish (German and Jewish) cultures [1][2][3].

Religious aspect of Gesheft

In many cultures, the idea of relatively legal "gesheft" is dominant in the philosophy and the ideology, I would say, some kind of "cult of gesheft", so strong as some other taboos of the Western civilisation.

The idea of profit-less, non-commercial activity can be considered as some oppose of gesheft. Absolutisation of negation of any kind of gesheft can be considered as important part of sovetism and other kinds of fascism, when the State is supposed to think about everything, releasing the people from thinking, and, in particular, from thinking about their personal gesheft.

Modern examples

One family in the multi-store building makes an agreement with their neighbours, who live just above them, to cooperate for the internet: they pays for the odd months, and the neighbours pay for the even months. Similar agreement they make with neighbours, who live in the flat just below them. This can be qualified as "gesheft": by the negotiations, they get the internet for free. (Until the neighbours from the up communicate to those from the down and realise, what is happening.)

Scientific frauds, in particular, exploiting of the pseudo–scientific projects, can be qualified as gesheft.


  1. A Gesheft (Yiddish: א געשעפט, The Deal) is a 2005 action movie, with a religious message, in the Yiddish language, made by Haredi Jews from Monsey, New York.
  2. Yiddish Dictionary. GESHEFT. [Yiddish] Business
    Es iz nit dayn gesheft - It's none of your business.
    A gesheft hob nicht - I don't care. Who knew that nursing homes would be such a good gesheft to get into? Germans want to make gesheft on misfortunes of EU peoples. Ahto Lobjakas. EU-Russia Rapprochement Set To Continue. June 08, 2010 Comment by Konstantin from: Los Angeles, June 10, 2010 08:23. // WHAT ARE THEY SO HAPPY ABOUT?// They both are looking very happy, but about what:// Is it about good "gesheft" in European economical boat?


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