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Lethal decision ( летальное решение ) is emulation of digitalisation of conversation in the cabin of Airplane Tu154M board 101, 2010.04.10, around 8am (see Katyn-2), reconstructed in the assumption that the pilots were pressed by the President. The teхt is copypasted from Samizdat, http://budclub.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/rockdesie.shtml (original samlib.ru/k/*/* does not load)



Pilot 1: ...I came to explain why my colleagues and I do not want to perform this flight. And only for this.
President: I shall not leave from the cabin until you bring us to Smolensk.
Pilot 1: Pan President, I repeat again: this is enemy country. Now they perform the aggressive economic wars. They don't stop when they find it suitable to go farther. This is country of total corruption. They hide their past. The cruel government hides the crimes.
President: They've changed their minds about Katyn.
Pilot 1: They could do it just to make a trap for you. This may be just a pretext to make a new murder, a kind of Katyn-2.
President: How could this be possible? They recognize the need to say the true; they recognize the need of the democracy..
Pilot 1: They are liars as long as I remember myself. I know the history. Do you remember what did they do to pan Jaruzelski? He was brave man before he was treated by the KGB!
President: Why to you talk in such a brutal manner?
Pilot 1: Because I have nothing to loss. Anyway, if I do not conduct this flight, and I don't plan to do it, you'll fire me. Shall I do, we die together.
President: Russia had shown some improvements. Why do you force me to give you the lecture about the international politics, instead of to do your job?
Pilot 1: Because I respect You a lot, pan President, and I do not want You to die. I do not want your colleagues to die. Your spouse.
President: I do not understand, what may happen to us?
Pilot 1: You do! You are brave man. Every year You put your head into the jaw of the dragon, and you hope, this becomes safe.
President: Will you explain?
Pilot 1: Yes. This is military air-base. The military airstrips are designed not only for launch and landing of aircrafts. They are designed also for their destruction. It is as if you would decide to travel inside a gasenwagen.
President: This is not a gasenwagen, this is a passenger jet. We have an hour to allow you to understand the difference.
Pilot 1: Hence, we'll stay here. You are the most intelligent man I know, but you don't understand this simple and very important thing.
President: What does the Second pilot think? Do you understand that they will not dare to make anything bad to us?
Pilot 2: Sorry, pan President, they will. How is it possible, to fly to these barbarians? The soviet veterans are still alive there; those who kept the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact in secret, then they insisted that there was no amendment protocol to it; and they used to kill anybody who did not believe them. They can shut us down. This is Upper-Volta with old missiles.. Did you read their nuclear doctrine? This looks like a USSR, like a Germany of 30s... Boss told you, we may become a Katyn-2... If you look for some extreme, you may do rafting, motor-race, any you like, but to fly to Smolensk, this is suicide! In addition, you load all the government with you... And, in addition, with the Soviet jet... Who knows what kind of staff could they install here... Paying the tribute to victims, you should not sacrifice living people. Poland need you alive, not dead! Also, you should think about your colleagues, your wife...
President: Do you afraid so much?
Pilot 2: Yes, pan President.
Pilot 1: Pan President, we do not afraid for us. We afraid for you. Let you stay in Warsaw with your government, then we can fly not only to Smolensk, but anywhere, Tbilisi, Osh, even Sukhumi... But we afraid for the passengers. The KGB can simply shut us down, really.
President: They will not dare. Tusk had confirmed the successful monitoring of our talks, I asked him to arrange this. The translation will continue during our flight. In real time, the information will be transfered to Moscow and to Warsaw storing in few independent servers. In addition, there are recorders on board. If anything happens to us, Tusk and Klich immediately publish this record. Even if the moscovits are so evil, they will not dare to attack us. And if they decided to go by the way of civilization, and I believe it is really the case, then our visit is extremely important! We may not loss such an opportunity to trust them in the way of peace and friendship. Ladies and gentlemen, do you agree with me?
(several voices expressing the agreement)
President: Pilots, to you see? Even ladies are more courageous than you are.. Do you agree?
Pilot 2: Yes, pan President.
Pilot 1: Ok. Let this be in your way..
President.: Hence, proceed your mission. Please follow all the rules and instructions exactly; today this is especially important. I believe in your skills and punctuality.
Pilot 1: Yes, sir. Take your seat and fasten the belt...
Pilot 1: ...Crew, confirm...
Pilot 1: ...bokzni 101, we are ready to take-off. Control tower, confirm take-off bord 101...

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http://www.utro.ua/ru/politika/kachinskiy_umer_na_15_minut_ranshe1272520128 Юлия Зарицкая. Качиньский умер на 15 минут раньше. 2010, 29 апреля, 09:23 Дональд Туск рассказал, что было несколько телефонных разговоров и личных встреч, как с президентом Дмитрием Медведевым, так и с премьер-министром Владимиром Путиным. "Нет никаких оснований говорить о том, что российская сторона каким-либо образом затрудняет следствие", - указал руководитель польского правительства. Он заявил, что официальный представитель Варшавы в Москве Эдмунд Клих "имеет полный доступ к материалам следствия". Вместе с тем Туск высказал мнение, что следует ожидать сенсаций, связанных с расшифровкой "черных ящиков" правительственного самолета.
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http://smolensk-2010.pl/2010-05-04-english-in-the-murder-of-kaczynskis-handwriting-is-seen-putin.html In the murder of Kaczynski's handwriting is seen Putin. 4 May 2010
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2016.04.15. http://www.tvn24.pl/niepublikowane-nagranie-z-kokpitu-tu-154m,636030,s.html Ostatnie 38 minut lotu. Nagranie z kabiny prezydenckiego tupolewa. 15 kwietnia 2016, 21:48 (http://www.tvn24.pl). Tu-154M rozbił się 10 kwietnia 2010 r. Zginęło 96 osób To nagranie z kabiny prezydenckiego tupolewa pozwala bardziej precyzyjnie odtworzyć ostatnie chwile tragicznego lotu Tu-154M do Smoleńska. Jest połączeniem trzech ścieżek dźwiękowych: z mikrofonu i radia dowódcy, drugiego pilota i mikrofonów w kabinie. (http://www.tvn24.pl) Prezentujemy prawie cały zapis ostatnich 38 minut nagrań audio z kabiny Tu-154M nr 101 (ostatnie 4 sekundy nagrania zostały wycięte ze względu na drastyczną treść i poszanowanie pamięci ofiar). Napisy powstały na podstawie opublikowanego przez wojskową prokuraturę stenogramu, który przygotował zespół biegłych. Zachowaliśmy oryginalną pisownię ze stenogramów. Tekst wyróżniony kursywą to wypowiedzi, co do których biegli mieli wątpliwości. Słowa ujęte w stenogramie, a niesłyszalne w tym nagraniu, zostały zidentyfikowane przez biegłych przy użyciu specjalistycznego sprzętu odsłuchowego. Nagranie jest połączeniem trzech ścieżek dźwiękowych: z mikrofonu i radia dowódcy, drugiego pilota i mikrofonów w kabinie. Dla lepszego zrozumienia, w dwóch miejscach rozszyliśmy dźwięk. Pierwszy (godz. 8:24 i 15 sekund): to moment w którym jednocześnie dowódca rozmawia z więżą w Smoleńsku, a drugi pilot prowadzi korespondencję z załogą Jaka. Drugi: to ostatnie 40 sekund nagrania. Te publikujemy w trzech odsłonach. Każda powtórka prezentuje jedną ścieżkę dźwiękową (z kokpitu, mikrofonu i radia dowódcy, mikrofonu i radia drugiego pilota). Fragmenty nagrania zostały wykorzystane w materiale "Czarno na białym": (http://www.tvn24.pl)

2016.09.02. http://www.rp.pl/Polityka/309019884-Antoni-Macierewicz-zapowiada-ujawnienie-nowych-nagran-zalogi-tupolewa.html Andrzej Gajcy. Antoni Macierewicz zapowiada ujawnienie nowych nagrań załogi tupolewa. publikacja: 01.09.2016. aktualizacja: 02.09.2016, 16:11. Wkrótce ujawnimy nowe nagrania załogi tupolewa, które dotąd nie były znane – mówi szef resortu obrony, Antoni Macierewicz.

2018.04.11. https://www.polskieradio.pl/5/3/Artykul/2090897,Raport-podkomisji-smolenskiej-Co-do-natury-eksplozji-Tu154M-nie-ma-watpliwosci Raport podkomisji smoleńskiej. "Co do natury eksplozji Tu-154M nie ma wątpliwości". ostatnia aktualizacja: 11.04.2018 20:25 Raport komisji Jerzego Millera z 2011 r. w sprawie katastrofy smoleńskiej zostaje anulowany; samolot Tu-154M został zniszczony wskutek eksplozji; wybuchy nastąpiły nad ziemią - to tezy przedstawione w środę przez działająca przy MON podkomisję smoleńską, kierowaną przez Antoniego Macierewicza.

2018.04.11. http://www.polsatnews.pl/wiadomosc/2018-04-11/eksplozja-przed-uderzeniem-w-ziemie-podkomisja-smolenska-prezentuje-raport-techniczny-transmisja/ Raport techniczny: samolot Tu-154M uległ destrukcji w powietrzu w wyniku eksplozji. 2018-04-11, 15:16 Podkomisja smoleńska unieważnia klasyfikację przyczyn katastrofy samolotu TU 154M w Smoleńsku, jako kontrolowany lot ku ziemi spowodowany przez błąd pilota - głosi treść wprowadzenia do raportu technicznego. "Samolot uległ destrukcji w powietrzu w wyniku eksplozji" - stwierdzono. Dodano też, że raport komisji Jerzego Millera jest nieważny i zostaje anulowany.

2018.04.26. http://niezalezna.pl/data/TECHNICAL_REPORT.pdf THE REPUBLIC OF POLAND COMMITTEE FOR THE RE-INVESTIGATION OF THE SMOLENSK AIR CRASH TECHNICAL REPORT Facts regarding the crash of the TU-154M No.101, that took place in Smolensk, Russia on the 10th of April 2010(Fight PLF101) The KBWLLP Committee of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Poland hereby nullifies the classification of the crash causes, of the TU-154M aircraft in Smolensk on April 10, 2010, as a Controlled Flight into Terrain being a result of a pilot’s mistake (CFIT) due to the following reasons:
1. The Russian air traffic controllers at the Severny North airport in Smolensk (Severny), in agreement with the commander of the Russian Military Transport Aviation, Gen. Benediktov in Moscow, gave false information to the crew of TU-154M during the landing approach on April 10, 2010. The approach of TU-154 was preceded by a controlled landing approach of the Russian military IL-76 aircraft, which was supposed to verify the functioning of the navigation instruments of the Severny aerodrome. The IL-76 performed a landing approach twice with weather conditions being below minimum, and every time approached at an altitude only a couple of meters above the runway, and significantly to the left.
2. Contrary to the statement of Miller’s committee, General Andrzej Błasik, Commander of the Polish Air Force, was not present in the cockpit of TU1-,154M during the crash, and had no influence on the crash. Miller’s Committee accused general Błasik without any due evidence.
3. During the entire flight, the TU-154M air crew, and the Pilot in Command (PIC) made correct decisions, which were agreed upon by the entire crew, and were carried out according to the prescribed flight regulations. 16 minutes before the crash the captain made the decision to go around, and in the case of bad weather, to only perform a look-and-see approach. He gave the order “go-around” at a safe altitude, which was confirmed by the second pilot. During the entire period of the landing approach, the crew responded properly to the commands issued by the air traffic controllers, who instructed the crew about their distance from the runway.
4. The TU-154M aircraft was destroyed in the air as a result of several explosions.
5. At first there were explosions in the left wing leading to the destruction of the structure of the end of the detachable wing part, approximately 900m before the runway threshold No.26 of the Smolensk Severny aerodrome. The explosions destroyed the slats, ribs and spars, as well as the skin, and the pieces were scattered over an area 30m wide, and 400m long beside the flight path. Then the flaps were torn off, parts of which were also found over 400m away.
6. When the plane passed the point defined as TAWS38 (710m before the runway threshold) a series of errors occurred: left engine error, generator, flaps, under carriage, both radio-altimeters, the first hydraulic installation and the magnetic course measurement system.
7. An explosion in the fuselage of TU-154M occurred above the ground. At this time, before the plane impacted with the ground, a failure of the electrical power supply occurred. The explosion took place in the left part of the fuselage, in the area of Lounge 3, where the left passenger door was blown away due to the pressure wave, as well as the first and third spar of the left center wing. The bodies of more than ten passengers were damaged and the parts were scattered throughout an area of over 100m.


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