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LoveRead is site that offers various texts, including fairy tales.

Content of this site depends on the operational system, used to access it. One example is mentioned below.

Незнайка на Луне

Tale Neznaika at Moon (Незнайка на Луне) is Russian fairy tale by Nikolai Nosov from year 1967 (or even earlier). The clean version (without off-topic advertisement), with hundreds illustrations is loaded at
its view at mizugadro is supposed to be the same, being loaded from different computers.

Tale Neznaika at Moon (Незнайка на Луне, is presented also at

There, the look of this fairy tale depends on the computer, used to browse the site. Here are three screenshots of viewing of the same URL from different computers:

2020.09.28-12-08-25lovereadU.png 2020.09.28LoveReadM.png 2020.09.29LoveReadW.jpg

The view from Linux (first screenshot) looks better, than view from Macintosh (second screenshot) of from Windows (third image).

In the last two cases, the pictures appear at the top, at the left and at the right hand side of the children's fairy tale. The pictures are actually links to sites, that are of low quality and too complicated for children. Adding these pics and links may be interpreted as an abuse, a trolling.

The advertisement pics, seen with Windows, are not the same, as those, seen with Macintosh; at least their order is different. This makes different citing of content of loveread site: its content depends on the computer used to read it.

It is interesting to reveal, at which stage of transmittance of information, the additional (and unwanted) pictures and links appear. The following hypothesis should be considered:

Bug at Macintosh and at the Windows machines

1. The bug, badware is installed at Macintosh computer as well as at the Windows machine; that bug disturbs the reading of the fairy tale with parasite off-topic advertisement.

Bug at Linux

The bug, badware is installed at the Linux computer, that hides the advertisement, in order to confuse the Editor in such a way, that the Editor promotes the link, that shows bad advertisements at sides of the fairy tale.

Bug at the communication line

The bug, badware is installed at some of nodes of the communication line, that itersepts the communication and replaces the original content of the site with the similar surrogate, dependently on the operational system, from there the request had been sent.

Bug at the server

The confusion is caused by badware at the server
that add the unwanted, inappropriate content to the fairy tale, if the children story is requested from a fragile (insufficiently protected) operational system.

Bad will of webmaster

Dependence of the content on the operational system, used by the reader, could be either an unwanted mistake or the intentional trolling by the web-designers of site
If this is an unwanted error, then, it may have sense to inform the owner of domain about evidence of the abuse.

Scientific interest

Comparison of representation of the same side at different computers may bi important for revealing of the badwere distributed by the Russian terrorists from KGB and Roskomnadzor (see designate Russia as state sponsor of terrorism) in the total Putin world war against the human civilization.

The reports of view of the ambiguous content may help to reveal the bug, that leads to appearance of the parasite pictures at sides of the children tail. If you look at the
then, please, let the Editor know:
1. Do you see the advertisement at sides of the fairy tale?
2. Which brauser and which operational system do you use?

Appearance of different content at the same URL may cause confusions. Presenting of the text version may help, if the advanced version with pictures and links happen do be corrupted.

Important example

Server "loveread" gives important examples of sites that cannot be used directly in scientific research:

The content of this site is not stable.

The same refers to several Russian sites ("Sputinik", "Roskosmos", etc.), the content of these sites suddenly change or even disappear as soon, as it is revealed, that the information posted shows the fraud by the Russian administration. Such an instability makes necessary copying of all important information of such a kind, and posting the reserve copies. However, such a reposting does not indicate, that the reposted information is true; it only indicates, that at the moment of loading, the certain content had been observed at the certain site.

The sites with varying (and disappearing) content can be considered as an upgrade of practice of removal of the historic documents, described in utopia Orwell1984.

However, the unstable site with off-topics may be subject of the scientific research - in the same way, as insects, who live only few days, or as unstable nuclei or as elementary particles with short lifetime can be investigated with scientific methods.



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