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History of this wiki

This wiki, id est, TORI had been created for elaborating of the common notation suitable in the scientific research.

First, the incorporated "wiki" was installed. It failed all the tests: it did not save the history, did not allow to edit the comments, and ignored all the attempts to type formulas; even the html commands were destroyed at the compillation of the articles.

Then, the distributive was loaded from the mediawiki site. Unfortunetely, again, it happens, that the wiki format is not supported here; it is compatible neither with wikipedia, nor with citizendium.

The README file suggests to install the caml from the Such caml is successfully installed. Then, the staff at the "local" was generated with the "make" command; but the formulas did not appear.

It was suggested to install also the Xcode and the Latex. This did not help.

The tyst pages, McCumber relation and the Institute for Laser Science from the citizendium and from wikipedia, looked ugly. The copypasting of templates did not help at all.

Then the problem was resolved, and the mediawiki site indicates the way... The update is just Main page, but this may have sense as the history..