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Naukology is transliteration of the Russian word наукология, that means any activity about analysis of Science; usually it is assumed, that the naukology, by itself, is not science at all.

The text below is semi-authomatic translation from the Russian text Урок Наукологии [1].

Lesson of Naukology

Teacher : Have you made the home assignment?


Teacher : Does anyone having difficulty with your homework ?

Geda : Gamma Bozonovna, I have a question .

Teacher : Yes. Please.

Geda : At the beginning, when you told about the first axiom, you had said that there is no scientific theory, which would be applicable at all times and everywhere..

Teacher : Yes, Geda, this second part of the First axiom . The TORI Axioms were formulated in the early post-industrial society and survived the centuries-old practice of checking. Therefore, there can be no doubts in the TORI axioms!

Geda : How about the logic ?

Teacher : What's wrong with the logic?

Geda : Logic.. it works.. not always?

Teacher : Yes, not always.

(noise in the classroom )

Geda : Can you give an example of when it is not applicable ?

Teacher : It is not always possible to formalize the problem to the Boolean variables.

Geda : What can be used, if the problem can not be formalized to the Boolean variables?

Teacher: Religion. You have a wide choice of religions - from Buddhism and Christianity to the cults of hedonism and violence. If you are not satisfied with the existing religions, you can create your own sect. Have you already had a lab on the Godmaking?

Geda: The Godmaking teacher had promised the practical session next week, after the quiz on the interaction of religions.

Teacher : I hope you all write well the quiz.

Alla : Would not it be logical, to ban all the cults of violence?

Teacher : It is not logical at all. This is a good example where the logic does not work. Thank you, Alla.

Alla : Well, what does work then?

Teacher : Empiricism. If the sect is forbidden, it goes to underground, and it is difficult to trace it. It becomes dangerous.

Tin : May I ask a question?

Teacher : Yes, Tin.

Tin : About pluralism.. You said that the only the TORI axioms allow to interpret the concept of Science..

Teacher : Yes, and what do not you understand ?

Tin : If only the TORI axioms, then, where is the pluralism?

Teacher : The last, 6th axiom provides the pluralism. With the six axioms, the Science is completely separated from any particular religion.. Did you listening attentively the past lesson?

Tin : I listened, and I had read it, but do not understand.

(whispering in class)

Teacher : Well, what is that you do not understand, Tin?

Tin : Axioms .

Teacher : Well, what are they difficult? Okay, I'll say it again.
The first axiom - applicability.
The second axiom - verifiability.
The third - refutability.
Fourth - Selfconsistency.
The fifth - Principle of correspondence.
Sixth - Pluralism.
Is it so difficult to remember?

Tin : I remember, but I want to understand.

Teacher : There's nothing to understand, the axioms are accepted without proof.

Tin : Or rejected. Also without proof.

(laughs in the classroom )

Teacher : Do you think, you're smarter than everyone?

Tin : No. So, I ..

Teacher (interrupting) : And if not, why do you present yourself that way?

(noise in the classroom)

Tin : What is wrong with asking? I just..

Teacher (interrupting) : You're asking questions that are irrelevant to the topic of the lesson.

Tin (takes the textbook) : Why? Here is the textbook.. (Reads) "Lesson Eight: Review of all the six TORI axioms.."

Teacher (interrupts) : You were supposed to read the Textbook at home, not now.

Tin : I have read and asked..

Teacher : You asked, I answered. Now, shut up!

(laughter in the classroom )

Tin : What will happen to those who do not accept these axioms ?

(noise in the classroom )

Teacher : And who does not accept, now will go out from the classroom! Okay?

(noise in the classroom )

Teacher (barking) : Shut up!.. (continues) And they have such a rating, that they will not be accepted even to the Guacatelamala University. Even the Hyderaworst College will reject them. They will write applications for the various packages all their life.. the civilized society will not allow such a heresy.. Do you understand?.. The great philosopher of the last century, professor Sortir Salida, once said that TORI is not a dogma, but a guide to action. Okay? Those, who are talking about the dogmatic nature of the TORI axioms, will go to the jail.

(whispering in class)

Teacher : Silence!.. So, we come to the fact, that only the TORI axioms give the true foundation of a truly scientific knowledge. Revisionism, any attempts to revise the TORI axioms, means the rolling back to religion, to clericalism and the Inquisition. Any weakening of the scientific ideology means more religious ideology, id est, the return to the ancient post-industrial society and all its horrors and prejudices, torture chambers and cannibalism.. The famous philosopher Yuan Euros had pointed out, that the doctrine of TORI is omnipotent because it is true .. He wrote, that the Human Progress means the computerization plus TORIfication of all the planet..


Teacher : Any step away from the TORI axioms, any revision of TORI axioms is an ideological attack, that aims the destruction of science and return to the religious, pseudoscientific ideology.. Do you understand?..

Tin : Well, but I wanted to ask..

Teacher (interrupts): Shut up!.. Now we'll make the test work. Please, shut-down all the personal electronic devices. Take the pens. Here are forms you should fill..


For case, if TORI axiom
Become official condom,
Preventing doubts of any kind,
With iron will of doubtless mind,

Or, as muslims and bolsheviks,
Will kill the doubts with iron stick,
Or, as Islamic inquisitors,
Begin to cut the girls the clitors,

Or, as genseks pro–communistic,
Begin promote a law fascistic,
Suggesting concentration camp
As top idea of "Mein Campf" –

I need to warn a possible adept,
who may apply the TORI as concept:
I do not mean to kill, eliminate,
Those, who deny a TORI postulate!


  1. Урок Наукологии (2013) About the absolute moral (2003) Place of science in the human knowledge (2009)


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