Negotiation with terrorists

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Negotiation with terrorists (переговоры с террористами) is moral problem about treatment of terrorists, who get hostages and try to sell theм.

The main question is, are Negotiation with terrorists acceptable or the terrorists should be just killed, even if this may cause death of hostages?

The problem has no universal solution; any solution can be qualified as "bad".

On one hand, the price of satisfaction of demands of terrorists is usually much lower, than live of hostages.

On the other hand, the terrorists, after to get that whey want, even if they release the hostages, consider this as good business, and will try to repeat the same operation again and again, extending their terroristic activity. In addition, other potential terrorists may see, that this method "works", and try to do the same.

One of rough approach to the solution of the problem is declaration of all hostages as "dead", even if biologically they are still alive. However, this approach is cannot be qualified as satisfactory.

Herod law

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