Nemtsov bridge

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Memorial table by [1]
55.749494, 37.624347
"It will be so" 2015.03.26 [2]
Nemtsov bridge, 2015.03.26 by [3]

Nemtsov bridge (Немцов мост) is bridge across the river Moscow in city Moscow, with coordinates 55.749494, 37.624347, where 2015.02.27 Putin killed Nemtsov.

Putin killed Nemtsov

The apparent sabotage of the official investigation of the murder of Nemtsov leaves the only scientific concept about the murderer: Putin killed Nemtsov. No other person could block the traffic at the entry to the Nemtsov bridge just before the murder, block the vigilance of the bridge, block the KGBists who were spying after Nemtsov, robe the records of the Kremlin's videocameras of monitoring, and, en fin, order the investigators not to analyse the observations mentioned. The murder and the apparent sabotage of the investigation caused protests. The protesters call the place of murder Немцов мост, id est, Nemtsov bridge.

Nemtsov memorial

Since 2015, the memorial of Boris Nemtsov is maintained by volunteers at the place where Putin killed Nemtsov in 2015.02.27. The people bring flowers and images of Boris Nemtsov.

From time to time, the pro–Putin terrorists attack the volunteers at the Nemtsov bridge and vandalise the memorial of Nemtsov. After each of these attacks, the memorial is recovered again. [4]

Since the birder, Lena Hades keeps, as she calls it, the Art marathon, adding new drawings and paintings of Boris Nemtsov to the memorial. She tries to sell her works, but most of pictures she makes are just vandalised, plundered, robbed by the group of support of the killers. [5].


NemtsovBridge2.jpg 02817nemtsovBridge.jpg NemtsovBridgeGrani-1.jpg HadesNemtsovBridge243.jpg PutinKilladBridge.jpg NemtsovBridge2016.01.27.jpg


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