Punitive psychiatry

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Punitive psychiatry (Карательная психиатрия) is practice of justification of punishment of opponents and sadism with psychitaric pretext.

Soviet veterans widely used the Punitive psychiatry during the USSR to fight antisovetism. Punitive psychiatry is used also in post-soviet Russia. [1]


  1. Echoes of the Past: Punitive Psychiatry 22 October 2013 In October, Russian activist Mikhail Kosenko, one of the accused in the "Bolotnaya Square Case," was sentenced to compulsory psychiatric treatment. This was the first instance of an open use of psychiatry for political purposes in post-Soviet Russia. Author and human rights campaigner Alexander Podrabinek, who was convicted in the 1970s for his book "Punitive Medicine," concludes that the Soviet practice of punitive psychiatry has returned to Russia.