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Sakana as a fish [1]
Sakana as a dish

Sakana refers to the set of the following unicode characters:

KanjiRadical , X2FC2 [2] and
KanjiLiberal , X9B5A [3].

Also, term Sakana may refer to sound さかな. This pronunciation refers to each of these characters.

In addition, term Sacana may refer to an object, denoted with this sound, id est, any fish; for example, that shown in Fig.1.


The sakana characters look similar to each other.

KanjiRadical , X2FC2 [2] is easy to confuse with
KanjiLiberal , X9B5A [3].

In order to distinguish these characters, some programming is necessary.

The Utf8 encoding of and can be revealed with PHP program du.t; command

php du.t ⿂魚

produces the following output:

The array has 6 bytes; here is its splitting:
e2 bf 82 e9 ad 9a
array(2) {
  string(3) "⿂"
  string(3) "魚"

Unicode character number 12226 id est, X2FC2
Picture:  ; uses 3 bytes. These bytes are:
XE2 XBF X82 in the hexadecimal representation and
226 191 130 in the decimal representation

Unicode character number 39770 id est, X9B5A
Picture:  ; uses 3 bytes. These bytes are:
XE9 XAD X9A in the hexadecimal representation and
233 173 154 in the decimal representation

Relation with Tori

Pink-wing flying fish.jpg

Underwater swimming penguin-wide.jpg

In table KanjiRadical, characters
X2FC2 (Sakana, fish) and
X2FC3 (Tori, bird) are neighbors. This has deep meaning:

Some are a little bit .

Some are a little bit .

Original Japanese version:

トビウオ は えすこし  です。

ペンギン は えすこし  です。



Sakana (fish) as a food (dish) is mentioned in the poem:

I am not so good to walk a walk
And I'm not good to talk a talk,
I am not good to ride a ride,
I am not good to kite a kite,
I am not good to fish a fish,
Nor (even worse) to cook a dish;
But if you have a drink to drink,
Let's drink together, so I think!


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