Scientific revolution

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Scientific revolution (Научная Революция) is event of significant modification, change, replacement of the dominant concept in Science.


New time: – Hmm.. In Libya, they killed our ambassador.. – Ya... There were no such things during Guaddafi..[1]

Term revolution may refer also to the similar phenomena in other areas of human activity and usually denotes the change of the government, national leaders and ideology. Often, it is assumed that the new government is better than the previous one.

After to realize that the change of the scientific concepts may be so drastic (and even more drastic) than those in the political life, the term revolution is applied to science.

As in the case of the revolution in political life, for the scientific revolution it is usually assumed that the new concept is "better", more efficient than the previous one.

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  1. Новые времена. Sep. 12th, 2012 at 4:32 PM.
    - Хмм, в Ливии убили нашего посла..
    - Да уж, при Каддафи такого не было..