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Crash and recovery

Sorry, the previous location of TORI, id est had been disabled since 2013 February 27. In addition, today, the server felt down and the site is recovered from the backup. The last month changes are not here, but they are expected to be recovered too. This may take few days. (talk) 17:26, 18 June 2013 (JST) P.S. The robots have recovered the last versions of the articles and figures. Please, let me know if anything still does not load here. The previous version is at , we may copypast from there.T (talk) 12:05, 21 June 2013 (JST)


English version

For case, if TORI axiom
Become official condom,
Preventing doubts of any kind,
With iron will of doubtless mind,

Or, as muslims and bolsheviks,
Will kill the doubts with iron stick,
Or, as islamic inquisitors,
Begin to cut the girls the clitors,

Or, as genseks pro–communistic,
Begin promote a law fascistic,
Suggesting concentration camp
As top idea of "Mein Campf" –

I need to warn a possible adept,
Who may apply the TORI as concept:
I do not mean to kill, eliminate,
Those, who deny a TORI postulate!

See also Naukology

Russian version

На случай, если аксиомы ТОРИ
Окажутся в анналах у Истории,
И, вроде пост-накротной ломки,
Там будут ныть, зудеть, как глист -
То не моя вина, "Товарищи Потомки":
Мой замысел кристально чист.