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Pallet x 10000.jpg One trillion dollars by pagetutor [1]. Small object at the left shows the realtive size of a human body.

Trillion means large amount of anything.

Value of a trillion may mean either \( 10^{12} \) or \( 10^{18} \) [2][3].

For this ambiguity, term trillion should not be used to denote any number in any scientific article; at least, if it is not supplied with definition, indicating, which of the two meanings above it corresponds to.


This term is often used by authors, who cannot estimate even an order of magnitude of a quantities they are talking about. Not so many people can say, how many "zeros" appear in the native writing of one trillion [4]. In the Russian literature, at least since year 2010, trillion appears as 10^12 [5]

In German and French literature, it refers to 10^18 [6][7]

Perhaps, at least in some cases, the authors use the term just for confusion, although, in some case, they may just repeat someone's statement without any attempt to understand the meaning [8].


Term Trillion is highly concussive and, therefore, can be used for frauds. It may refers to 10^12 as well as to 10^18, dependently on the preferences of the interpreter.

For this confusion, it should be highly efficient in the motivated reasoning (sometimes called also female logics).

For example, according to the the reparation and fines after the Fukushima disaster may cost to the taxpayers a 10 trillion yen [9], id est, from \(10^{13}\)yen to \(10^{19}\)yen. Roughly, the last estimate corresponds to one tenth of the amount of money, shown in the picture at right; of order of a dozen Fukushima-like nuclear plants have to explode in order to get the cost comparable to the amount shown in the figure.

The play on the difference of the meanings of the word trillion may beat all other kinds of bysiness, as the norm of the interest is \(10^{6}\) (instead of several percent in a usual kinds of business). In this sense, trillion is one of the most confusional terms used in the literature.


2020.01.05, in negotiation with the Iran administration, Donald Trump indicates, that the USA may spend two trillion dollars for weapon to respond the Iran aggression. [10][11]


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  2. In the American system, one trillion equals \(10^{12} = 1 000 000 000 000\). In the French and German systems, one trillion equals \(10^{18}\). // In recent years, the "American" system has become common in both the United States and Britain. In the words of The Chicago Manual of Style, "The American definitions are gaining acceptance, but writers need to remember the historical geographic distinctions." This use of a common meaning for "trillion" constitutes a fortunate development for standardization of terminology, albeit a somewhat regrettable development from the point of view that the British convention for representing large numbers is simpler and more logical than the American one.
    1,000,000,000,000 (one million million; ; SI prefix: tera-) for all short scale countries
    1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (one million million million; ; SI prefix: exa-) for all long scale countries
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  6. Das Wort Trillion (Abkürzung: Trill.) ist das Zahlwort für die Zahl = 10^18, also die dritte Potenz von einer Million, daher die Vorsilbe tri.
  7. Un trillion est l'entier naturel qui vaut 10^18 (1 000 000 000 000 000 000) dans l'échelle longue, soit mille billiards ou un milliard de milliards, ou encore un million de millions de millions. Un trillion est ainsi égal à 1 000 0003, d'où le terme, formé de tri- et de million. Mille trillions est égal à un trilliard (1021). Dans le Système international d'unités, trillion est noté par le préfixe E (exa). // .. Échelle courte// Billet de 100 trillions de dollars zimbabwéens (échelle courte). Le nombre correspond à 100 billions dans l'échelle longue.// Dans les pays utilisant l'échelle courte, et notamment dans les publications scientifiques anglo-saxonnes destinées au grand public (vulgarisation d'articles scientifiques – la précision est importante car elle a fait l'objet d'une loi aux États-Unis[réf. nécessaire]), le trillion représente un millier de milliards ou 1012 (1 000 000 000 000) qui est appelé billion dans l'échelle longue (ce qui est une source de confusion lors des traductions).// Le préfixe correspondant à ce nombre dans le Système international d'unités est T (téra).
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