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vodka (noon) – Russian national beverage, that consists mainly of water and ethanol.

vodka (verb) - to perform a Russian national custom, id est, to drink vodka [2][3].

Grammar aspect


In English, a word can be used both as noon and as a verb. This can be illustrated with the poem below:

I am not so good to walk a walk
And I'm not good to talk a talk,
I am not good to ride a ride,
I am not good to kite a kite,
I am not good to fish a fish,
Nor (even worse) to cook a dish;
But if you have a drink to drink,
Let's drink together, so I think!

More specific examples for verb to vodka are considered below.


- "Oh, Barel the Great! What, if they stop vodking and smoking?" – "Then even I can't save you!" [4]

I vodka every day. (Present Indefinite)

I am vodking now. (Present Continuous)

She is constantly vodking! (Present Foreverous)

I have been vodking since childhood. (Present Perfect Continuous)

I vodked yesterday. (Past Indefinite)

Unfortunanely, I was vodking at the moment my wife came. (Past Continuous)

I had been vodking for about a month when my wife came. (Past Perfect Continuous)

I will be vodking tomorrow at 5. (Future Continuous)

Soon (soon) I will be vodking. (Future Continuous)

Tomorrow by 5 o’clock I will have vodked. (Future Perfect)

By tomorrow morning I will have been vodking for a term. (Future Perfect Continuous)


It is vain to search some specific sense of meaning to vodka. Vodking, but it self, is sense and motivation.

The more practical problem is to find a way to vodka in serious conditions of strong earthquake, or some its analogy related with heavy post alcoholic syndrome, when hands are shaking and cannot keep vodka in a glass. The special technics for voiding in such a strong conditions are suggested in video [5]

Relation to other languages

Some nationalities vodka more oftrn than other. If you ask a Japanese about vodking, then, often, you may get the answer: Vodka? Yes, a liter, please", indicating, that in Japan, the minimal amount of alcohol to vodka is "A liter". [6].


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