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Revolution ( революция ) is event of sharp, strong change in some process that usually is supposed to show smooth evolution.

Usually the term refers either to the important update og the scientific knowldge (scientific revolution) or to the crash of the administrative system, dictatorship, mafia in some country (Social revolution). Initially, the last case was expected to be out of scope of TORI, but the destruction of Science in Russia at the beginning of century 21 [1] by the growing corruption and failure of the civilized attempts to recover the constitutional order [2] indicate, that for the development of science, the social and administrative processes also should be considered. Such a consideration is supposed to be performed within the same Axioms TORI, which were formulated initially for applications in the natural science and, especially, for the Laser Science. The term social revolution is applied not only to Russia; examples of civilized, nov–barbarian misplacement of the corrupted governments [3] are of special interest.


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Scientific revolution, Science, Social revolution, Corruption