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X2F1B is Unicode character number 12059, KanjiRadical, JapanMu.

can be pronounced as わたくし、 ござ.る and refer to author [1] of a statement, as synonym of character X79C1 [2].

⼛ looks similar to other characters JapanMu, causing confusions.


X53B8 is element of set JapanMu. This set includes 3 Unicode characters:

X2F1B [3], KanjiRadical

X30E0 [4], KatakanaMu

X53B6 [5], KanjiLiberal

Also, JapanMu may refer to each of these characters, and also to their pronunciation and also their meanings.

Even a native [[Ja[anese]] speaker, looking at characters , is unlikely to answer:
Which of them is X2F1B?
Which of them is X30E0 ?
Which of them is X53B6 ?

In such a case, the correct specification of a character is

"X2F1B or X30E0 or X53B6 "

Term JapanMu is defined to substitute the cumbersome construction with single word. Once the character is identified as JapanMu, then, from the context, one (whenever Human or a robot) may try to guess, is it KanjiRadical X2F1B or KatakanaMu X30E0 or KanjiLiberal X53B6 .


  1.厶 厶 2 strokes Radical: private 厶 Parts: 厶 I, myself, katakana mu radical (no. 28) ..
  2. 79C1 CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH-79C1 Han Script id: restricted confuse: none ..
  3. 2F1B KANGXI RADICAL PRIVATE Han Script id: allowed confuse: ..
  4. 30E0 KATAKANA LETTER MU Katakana Script id: restricted confuse: none ..
  5. 53B6 CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH-53B6 Han Script id: restricted confuse: ..


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