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ムラサキスポーツ [1]


ムーミン バレー [2]

ムニ食品 [3]

X30E0 is Unicode character number 12512, KatakanaMu [4].

X30E0 is Katakana partner of Hiragana character X3080

X30E0 is easy to confuse with Kanjis X2F1B and X53B6 .



KatakanaMu is highly confusive character.
The following characters have similar graphical representation:
X2F1B [5], KanjiRadical
X30E0 [4], Katakana, KatakanaMu
X53B6 [6], KanjiLiberal

In addition, the similar look as backslash-flipped (id est, mirrored and rotated) character KatakanaMa:
X30DE [7], Katakna, KatakanaMa

Even a native Japanese speaker, looling at characters , , , is unlikely to answer:
Which of them is X2F1B (KanjiRadical)?
Which of them is X30E0 (KatakanaMu)?
Which of them is X53B6 (KanjiLiberal)?

In oder to avoid confusions, character X30E0 should be referred by its number X30E0 or by its name, KatakanaMu.

The Utf8 encoding of the four characters mentioned can be revealed by PHP program du.t with command

php du.t ⼛マム厶

or by program ud.t with command

php ud.t 2F1B 30DE 30E0 53B6

Sometimes, it is difficult to distinguish between ,,. For example, the character, similar to each of these characters, appears in a writing, as a picture, that cannot be copypasted into the search frame of a database interface, nor transferred as argument to the PHP program du.t
In such a case, the correct naming of the character is

X2F1B or X30E0 or X53B6

In TORI, this expression is denoted with term JapanMu.


The phonetic partner of character X30E0 (KatakanaMu) is

X3080 , HiraganaMu [8]

Sound of is similar to that of the Greek letter mu:
\( \mu \) in math mode and
X03BC μ in text mode .


ムラサキスポーツ sportive shop company [1]

ムーミン , personage of Japanese version of the story about Moomin by Tove Jansson [9]

ムニ食品, food service [3]


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