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X2F2C is Unicode character number 12076, KanjiRadical, JapanPsi

X2F2C can be pronounced "che" and refer to left hand.
Other characters of JapanPsi have similar picture, similar pronunciation and similar meanings; so, they should be considered as synonyms.

X2F2C is easy to confuse with other characters of JapanPsi.


JapanPsi is set of the following four Unicode characters:

X2F2C [1], KanjiRadical

X5C6E [2] KanjiLiberal

XFA3C [3], KanjiConfudal

X2F878 屮 [4], out of range [X0000,XFFFF]

These characters have similar graphic representations (at some softwares, the same) and perhaps, similar phonetics "che", [5] and similar semantics (left hand) in Japanese language. Various dictionaries suggest different interpretations of characters of JapanPsi (if at al).

Up to year 2021, there is no united standard for representations of characters JapanPsi. At different computers, they may look in different way.

Even worse, different characters of JapanPsi at the same computer may look very similar. Even a native Japanese speaker, watching characters 屮 is unlikely to answer:
Which of them is X2F2C?
Which of them is X5C6E?
Which of them is XFA3C?
Which of them is X2F878?

In such a case, the correct specification is

"X2F2C or X5C6E or XFA3C or X2F878 屮"

Term JapanPsi is defined to substitute this (too long and too complicated) construction.

While the different pictures for different characters are not standard, the generic term is necessary to denote the similar pictures. Name JapanPsi is tentative; may be, during century 21, another term with similar meaning becomes more popular.

Software also may confuse at least characters X5C6E and XFA3C . In case of such a confusion, the articles should be named using not the characters by itself (, ), but their hexadecimal representations X5C6E XFA3C); these names seem to cause no confusion.

KanjiLiberal X5C6E [2] also seem s to be not confused by the software. X5C6E seems to be more usual, more popular, than other JapanPsi, although at some operation systems, the default picture for X5C6E is less harder to identify, to recognize, than the default picture for the KanjiRadical X2F2C .

The most of descriptions of characters of JapanPsi (found in the internet) refer to X5C6E . In TORI, the phonetic and semantic reported for X5C6E are attributed also to other JapanPsi characters.


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