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X66DC is Unicode character number 26332, KanjiLiberal.

X66DC can be pronounced as よう (ヨウ jou, йоу) and refer to the day of a week or to Sun[1].


In Utf8, character is encoded with 3 bytes. These bytes are
xE6 x97 xA5 in the hexadecimal representation and
230 151 165 in the decimal representation

No other similar Unicode characters are reported [2].
In such a way, character can be used "as is", without to indicate its hexadecimal number, at least at the strong zooming-in (use large font), in order to distinguish it from other kanjis with huge amount of sticks in the graphical representation. Any character with more that 16 sticks may be interpreted as , if it appears in the middle of the following 3-kanji words: 月曜日, 火曜日, 水曜日, 木曜日, 金曜日, 土曜日, 日曜日. These words indicate days of a week.


appears in names of days of a week, in combination 曜日, that is pronounced as ようび (joubi, йоуби):

Key  Kanji Hiragana Romanji English meaning/mnenonic
月曜日 げつようび getsuyoubi Monday Beginning
火曜日 かようび kayoubi Tuesday Fire
水曜日 すいようび Suiyoubi Wednesday Water
木曜日 もくようび mokuyoubi Thursday Tree
金曜日 きんようび kinyoubi Friday Gold
土曜日 どようび doyoubi Saturday Ground
日曜日 にちようび nichiyoubi Sunday Enjoy, relax

According to Japanese version of Wikipedia [3], these names are typed with KanjiLiberal Unicode characters.


The printed version of character looks as combination of the following Unicode characters:

X2F47 or X65E5 at the left,


doubled Katakana X30E8 at the top-right,


X2FAB or X96B9 at the bottom-right.

In order to make character readable, its font should be at least twice larger, than that of an ascii text.


  1.曜 曜 18 strokes Radical: sun, day 日 Parts: ヨ 日 隹 weekday On: ヨウ On reading compounds 曜日 【ヨウビ】 day of the week 曜霊 【ヨウレイ】 the sun 晃曜 【コウヨウ】 dazzling brightness 宿曜 【スクヨウ】 form of astrology based on the Xiuyaojing
  2. 66DC CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH-66DC Han Script id: restricted confuse: none ..
  3.曜日 .. JIS X 0301が定める暦週内の日の序数と曜日名 序数 .. 曜日名 // 1 月曜日 // 2 火曜日 // 3 水曜日 // 4 木曜日 // 5 金曜日 // 6 土曜日 // 7 日曜日 ..曜 shine weekday day (of the week) // Readings// Go-on: よう (yō, Jōyō)←えう (eu, historical)←𛀁う (yeu, ancient)// Kan-on: よう (yō, Jōyō)←えう (eu, historical)←𛀁う (yeu, ancient)// Kun: ひかる (hikaru, 曜る); かがやく (kagayaku, 曜く) // Nanori: あき (aki); あきら (akira); かぐや (kaguya); てらす (terasu); てる (teru); ひかり (hikari) ..


Japanese, Kanji, KanjiLiberal, Nichi, Unicode, Week, X2FAB , X2F47 , X30E8 , X571F , X65E5 , X66DC , X6708 , X6C34 , X706B , X6728 , X91D1 , X96B9