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photo of Akio Komori (left) from [1]

Akio Komori was the Managing Director of the Tokyo Electric Power Company, who become famous in spring of year 2011, while under his management, the Fukushima disaster developed from rank 3 to rank 7 [2][3].

Fukushima disaster

At the last stage of operation of the Fukushima Daichi nuclear plant, the overall management was handled under supervision by Kan Naoto; so, Kan Naoto can be considered as "coauthor" of Akio Komori and Masataka Shimizu (president of TEPCO [4]) in the creation of the disaster.

Many authors believe, that the gradual development of the crisis at Fukushima it not due to the bad will of the governors, but mainly due to the dangerous design of the TEPCO nuclear plants (above the ground, near the sea) and due to the intentional hiding of essential information about the catastrophe. Several articles in TORI [5][6][7][8] are based on the contradictive (and, perhaps, altered) data published; those articles are an attempt to elaborate a self-consistent concept of the event. As usually, the misinformation was "justified" by the pretext of need "to avoid panic". See the special article Fukushima disaster for the details. However, the hiding of the important information by the official authorities gives the authors the right to use the pessimistic (and lest favorable for the Government) estimates.

Perhaps, the management by Akio Komori was not worst possible: the design of the TEPCO nuclear reactors implies, that at the break of the cooling system, the decay heat is sufficient to vaporize a thousand of tons of enriched uranium and plutonium to the atmosphere; the resulting rank could be 8 or 9. In such a case, the most of Honshu island would become inhabitable, overdoing the damage of Japan due to the World War 2 and approaching the scale of the disaster described by Sakyo Komatsu in 1973 [9][10].


The name Akio Komori is misspelt as Akio Aomori by the Iran and International New Online [1].


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