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% generator of image B271a.png  %
% which is complex map of function ate  %
% This file requires b271az.pdf at the compilation. %
% See the list of files required at the description of the image.  %
% This file generates b271a.pdf %
% adding labels in a form similar to that by MathJax used in TORI. %
% Copypeft 2011 by Dmitrii Kouxnetsov  %
% This file an be used for free; at the redistribution %
% indicate the source http://tori.ils.uec.ac.jp/TORI/index.php/B271a.tex %
% %<br> \documentclass[12pt]{article} %<br> \paperwidth 788px %<br> \paperheight 684px %<br> \textwidth 994px %<br> \textheight 900px %<br> \topmargin -144px %<br> \oddsidemargin -76px %<br> \usepackage{rotating} %<br> \newcommand \rot {\begin{rotate}} %<br> \newcommand \ero {\end{rotate}} %<br> \newcommand \sx \scalebox %<br> \newcommand \ing \includegraphics %<br> \parindent 0pt %<br> \begin{document} %<br> \newcommand \zoomax { %<br> \put(2, 82.2){\sx{.6}{\(y\)}} %<br> \put(2, 63){\sx{.6}{\(2\)}} %<br> \put(2, 43){\sx{.6}{\(0\)}} %<br> \put(-2, 23){\sx{.6}{\(-\!2\)}} %<br> \put(22, -.1){\sx{.6}{\(-\!2\)}} %<br> \put(45, -.1){\sx{.6}{\(0\)}} %<br> \put(65, -.1){\sx{.6}{\(2\)}} %<br> \put(83.5,.2){\sx{.6}{\(x\)}} %<br> } %<br> \sx{8}{\begin{picture}(90,90) \put(0,0){\ing{b271az}} %<br> \zoomax %<br> \put(7,57.8){\sx{.4}{\bf cut}} %<br> \put(7,52){\sx{.4}{\(f\!\approx \!-2 \)}} %<br> \put(7,30.6){\sx{.4}{\bf cut}} %<br> \put(7,68.8){\sx{.3}{\rot{-15}\(u\!=\!2.4\)\ero}} %<br> \put(19,70.5){\sx{.33}{\rot{ 53}\(v\!=\!1\)\ero}} %<br> \put(17.4,19.5){\sx{.33}{\rot{-55}\(v\!=\!-1\)\ero}} %<br> \put(19,25.5){\sx{.3}{\rot{13}\(u\!=\!2.4\)\ero}} %<br> \put(27,12.5){\sx{.3}{\rot{49}\(u\!=\!2.2\)\ero}} %<br> \put(39.3,8.2){\sx{.32}{\rot{83}\(u\!=\!2\)\ero}} %<br> \put(86.6,78.5){\sx{.3}{\(u\!= 1.6\)}} %<br> \put(86.6,74.5){\sx{.3}{\(v\!= 0.4\)}} %<br> \put(86.6,60){\sx{.3}{\(u\!= 1.4\)}} %<br> \put(86.6,56){\sx{.32}{\(v\!= 0.2\)}} %<br> \put(86.5,44.3){\sx{.36}{\(v\!= 0\)}} %<br> \put(86.4,33){\sx{.31}{\(v\!=\!-0.2\)}} %<br> \put(86.4,29.5){\sx{.3}{\(u\!=\!1.4\)}} %<br> \put(86.3,15){\sx{.31}{\(v\!=\!-0.4\)}} %<br> \put(86.3,11){\sx{.32}{\(u\!=\!1.6\)}} %<br> \end{picture}} %<br> \end{document} %<br> % % % % %