Fred Eiseman

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F.Eiseman by [1] [2]

Fred Eiseman is researcher, who had investigated native American and Indonesian religions, and also the Colorado River (USA) in years 1950–1970ths. [1]

Some books by Fred Eiseman are announced in the internet [3][4].

In 2006, Fred Eiseman is mentioned at the GCPBA Bulletin board [5].


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  5. Reviews from Wally Rist via GCPBA Bulletin board. Tuesday, March 21, 2006 10:15 AM. .. The first 400 pages was for me a memory refresher. Most of the main players I personally knew and rowed trips with many of them. Fred Eiseman is to this day still a close personal friend. I had dinner with him in Scottsdale in November. He and I go back to 1953 when he was my seventh grade science teacher in St Louis. All during his active river years we talked often. Like most of us he was a little self serving, but he was truly interested in protection the resource and the quality of the experience. He had previously rowed for Georgie White and for Gay Stavely. Today he has little interest in the situation at Grand Canyon. We do talk about it but not at depth. I wish more had listened to him back then as I think he was very much on the right track. A little dogmatic, but so what.


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