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In science, freedom means property of some theory, concept, model, that implies the ability to vary some functions or parameters without to destroy the main properties declared. In some cases, the freedom is good property of the model, as it allows to apply it to wide range of phenomena. On the other hand, the freedom reduces the ability of the model to predict phenomena. If there are many free parameters in a model, then, it is difficult to use it, predicting the new phenomena. Concepts without free parameters may have wide range of applicability. In particular, the fundamental laws of conservation are formulated in a way, that does not involve any free parameters. The fundamental laws restrict freedom of theories and concept; often, the theory, that contradicts the fundamental laws, is just wrong.

In philosophy, Freedom is state of mind that allows the individual to realise his/her abilities. Usually the freedom is realised in a society, where the individual is not submitted to hard rules and customs, designed to provide domination of some person(s) on others.

TORI is supposed to provide the freedom in choice of the subject of investigation. The freedom to choose and to formulate the scientific concept is restricted by the [[TORI axiom]s. However, the comparison of freedom of TORI to that of other philosophies, performed within the TORI axioms, cannot be qualified as methodologically correct. In the similar way, the analysis of the Boolean logics with methods of the female logics should be qualified as methodologically non–correct. TORI axioms were designed initially in such a way, that provides their domination in their area. So, any individual has freedom to choose the philosophy and methodology. One may expect, that the TORI axioms are efficient neither within the inquisition's methodology, nor within the female logics.

Termin Freedom can be considered as opposite of Slavery, that implies the total submission of a slave to his/her/its master.

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