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Genesis is religious concept about creation of the Universe, life and Humankind. The biogenesis is special case of Genesis.

The first sources of Genesis are the Bible [1][2], Torah [3][4][5] and Quran (Koran)[6][7]; they are translated to many languages and, in particular, there are several English translations.

The full concept of Genesis is large [8] and allows a lot of upgrades. Genesis may be interpreted as one specific book among many Holly texts. It tells the story of the Creation of the Universe and man by God, the Fall of mankind and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden, the story Cain and Abel, the story about the of Noah and the Big Flooding, the testing of Abraham's faith by God, and the founding of Israel [9].

In this article, the main idea of Genesis, id est, the Creation, is presented in a compact form, sufficient for the religious support of the axioms of TORI.


There was nothing, except God. Any thing to God belonged, and God was the Universal Set.

God had created the Logics and natural numbers. God looked at the logics and numbers and saw, that the logic and numbers are good.

There was nothing else, even the space-time did not exist. And the only God was everything.

With the logics and the numbers, God created the fields. And saw God, that the fields are good.

For fields, God made the Universe. God expanded the Universe, making space-time for the fileds. And saw God, that the Universe is good.

God made proportionalities and symmetries in the Universe, giving fileds to the numbers and numbers to the fields. And saw God that the symmetries are good.

Expanding the Universe, God gave sense to the Logics he had created.

The symmetry created by God gave sense to the numbers, and numbers gave sense to the symmetry.

God expander the Universe, and it become cold, and the fields collapsed to the matter.

Let the mater bend the space, God sais, and the matter begun to attract other matter, to slow down the expansion of the Univetse. And God saw, that it is good.

The mafter collapsed to the galaxies and stars and planets. The rest space become dark due to the expansion. In such a way, the planetary systems were created. And saw God, that the planets are good.

Using this Universe, God created the Life. Let the only life produce the life, God said and it became so.

God gave the life enough room, in such a way, that this life does not meet another life. In such a way, God had separated the life from the non-living objects. And saw God that the life is good.

Using this life, God created Humanity. God made Man and Woman, giving then some abilities for self–reproduction and thinking.

For the human's need, God had arranged the 10 fundamental symmetries that hold with precision of order of 20 decimal digits, providing the 10 fundamental Conservations. Also, God made many additional symmetries; and God found, that the Human use these symmetries. And God saw that this is good.

The Humanity was not ready to use even a small amount of the symmetries God provided; God had arranged the great reserve for Humanity.

God said to humans: You are workers for my Goals, and both pleasure and pain make your prosperity. Follow my Word, work on yourselves, and the prosperity and happiness will be with you, – God said.

God said to humans: Do not try to be as I am. Only I am Absolute; only I may deal with the Universal set. Those, who invent their own concepts and believe that these concepts are valid at the Universal set, do evil, sin, and such sinners will be punished.

God showed to humans his power enormous, and respected the humans God, and begun to pray for God, asking the goods from God for themselves, instead of to work for God's goals.

God saw, that the Humans are bad. And God left Humans without God's protection.

Humans begun to invent their own gods, attributing them the properties of the Absolute Set.

Humans used to write down the wrong concepts, and believed that those concepts are true and omnipotent.

Humans used to fight other humans, killing those who did not believe the concepts announced.

The killers believed, that with their activity, they follow the God's advices.

In such a way the things happen since the Creation, and the hopes for the radical changes are not supported with the observations.


Although the main books of Genesis were written some kiloyears ago, the Humanity do not accept, do not understand the concepts. The mental structure of humans did not improve much after creation of the New Testament (Evangelie) and the Quran. For the name of God, the tribes used to attack neighbors, to conquest other civilizations, to burn researchers (scientists) and their books, to bomb buildings, cars, ships and airplanes. The rate of number of victims of misinterpretation of the Holly texts grows, and the number of the canonized texts also grows. The humanity write and canonize new texts instead of to understand the old texts.

There is a lot of bzz about the scientific and moral advances of the human society. In particular, one may expect, that the customs of the 21 century will be considered barbarian in century 22, as the mass murders committed by the soviet veterans during the USSR look barbarian from century 21.

The general concept of Genesis (and especially its interpretation) is religious, it does not require the refutation. In particular any "improvements" of the Human behavior can be interpreted as the God's will. In terms of such interpretation, the placement of Genesis at TORI has no aim to improve the human moral or somehow change the human behavior. It is just an attempt to understand, what is happening; and on this base, somehow explain the origin of the axioms of TORI. As for any "improvement" of the human mentality – this is business of God, not that of TORI.

The description of Creation above should not be considered as any kind of proof (the axioms are not supposed to allow any proof), but still as some illustration, justification that gives the sense to the terms used in other articles.


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