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Huilo by Charlie Hebdo, 2015
2014.06.19 protest at Roma [1]
Mr.Putin, sir, A assure you, I have nothinf against od you getting a tattoo of your name... I'm just saying that the placement could be sending the wrong signal! [2]

Khuilo ( Other spellings: Huilo, Хуйло) is one of nicknames of Vladimir Putin.

This name became popular since the Russian invasion into Ukraine in 2014.

The etymology, origin of the term Khuilo refers to the head of penis. Nickname Khuilo is qualified as element of slang and is considered as offensive.

The song entitled Putin khuilo become popular, that contain only two meaningful words, that form the title of the song, and meaningless refrain "Lalalalalalala". Popularity of the song is attributed to terroristic activity of Vladimir Putin, because it is difficult to find any other artistic meaning in so short and simple text.


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2014.06.08 Putin huilo - mariachi version! Jun 8, 2014.

2014.06.15. Shaun Walker. Ukraine minister's abusive remarks about Putin spark diplomatic row. Sunday 15 June 2014 14.59 BST. .. As the conflict in eastern Ukraine has deepened in recent months, the chant of "Putin khuilo" has become ever more popular among Ukrainians who blame Russia for stoking discontent in the east. Khuilo is a Russian swearword that approximately translates as "fucker" or "dickhead". ..

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