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LIBERAL WALK is ascii name of character X8FB5 , Radical 162, KanjiLiberal.

X2FA1 or X8FB5

In Tarja, term LIBERAL WALK can be pronounced as Chyacubu or ちゃくぶ, referring to move, walk, advance, street, but also to enter, penetrate, get through.

Term LIBERAL WALK is suggested in analogy with term RADICAL WALK [1] or radical walk [2], that refer to the character X2FA1 with similar pic.

Picture of LIBERAL WALK looks similar to picture of character RADICAL WALK; [1] or radical walk [3]; these two characters can be treated as very close synonyms (similar pics, similar pronunciations and similar meanings); the similarity of their pic cause confuse [1][3].

Character LIBERAL WALK has more synonyms. Set WalkU includes 5 other characters, that have similar meanings.

WalkU: Car advances through water


Boston-belle isle marsh.jpg
WalkOne356 1000.jpg

Characters of WalkU can be considered as synonyms of terms RADICAL WALK and LIBERAL WALK.

WalkU is set of the following five Unicode characters:

X2ECC [4], KanjiRadical, Walk0, SIMPLIFIED WALK

X2ECD [5], KanjiRadical, Walk1, WALK ONE

X2ECE [6], KanjiRadical, Walk2, WALK TWO

X8FB6 [7], KanjiLiberal, Walk3

XFA66 [8], KanjiConfudal, Walk4

Pics of characters of WalkU look similar to each other (and also cause confuses), but different from those of RADICAL WALK and LIBERAL WALK. However, they may have similar pronunciations and similar means. They are considered as "transforms" of Radical 162.


Need in term LIBERAL WALK comes from the similarity of pics of characters X2FA1 and X8FB5 .

At the default font of various operational systems, these pics look the same and cannot be use for the identification.

Character X2FA1 already has Ascii name RADICAL WALK.

Character X8FB5 is denoted LIBERAL WALK in analogy.

In century 21, the computer support of characters of Japanese is underdeveloped.
Up to year 2021, there is no united standard for the default font, that would allow each character to look the same at various computers, but different from other characters.
Apparently, the opposite cases take place: the character looks different with the default font of different operational systems, but similar to other characters at the same computer. This causes confuses.

While the standard for the default font (that avoid confuses) is not established, term LIBERAL WALK or the hexadecimal number X8FB5 can be used instead of character .


Character is not the only character that causes confuses.

In Japanese, there are hundreds of characters, that look so similar, that even native Japanese speaker cannot identify the character just watching it.

In the most of cases, the identification is possible due to the context. This needs some skills, that make difference in understanding of Japanese by the native speaker and by the foreigner.

In order to simplify the analysis, interpretation of Japanese texts, the special system of notations is suggested. This system of notations is denoted with term Tarja. Tarja appears as a new language, similar to Japanese.

Tha base ot Tarja is Japanese, but all ambiguous characters are excluded, replaced, substituted with their analogies in Hiragana and/or Ascii.

As in any other translation from one language to another, there are several options: Usually, each ambiguous Kanji has several Hiragana or Romanji analogies.

In the case, when the verbatim translation back, from Tarja to Japanese should be allowed, the character with ambiguous pic is represented with the hexadecimal number. In the case of LIBERAL WALK, this number is X8FB5.

At the beginning, it is not clear, which substitutes are most efficient to work with Tarja texts. Each ambiguous kanji has several Tarja analogies. Term LIBERAL WALK, perhaps, in is less convenient than other its synonyms:


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