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Mortabot is weapon mentioned in utopia Tartaria. Century 22 is described. However, mortabots look as birds or even as an insect.


Mortabot is flying computer designed to kill a specific person or a specific kind of persons, identifying then by their height, weight, build, color, face, uniform, smell and behavior.

Prototype of mortabot is described in the novel "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury.

Mortabots are used to catch (an kill) terrorists who perform the Election fraud at the first election of coordinators at farms of Tartaria.

At the second election, the procedure is easier, as many terrorists are already killed or captured; so, the mortabots are not used to kill the frauders, but to capture them.

Since that, mortabots are used occasionally, at the attack of organized groups of terrorists from neighbor tribes.

Mortabots are considered as the most powerful weapon of century 22.

Mortabots mission is programmed at the read-only memory; reprogramming of mortabots is prohibited. after to use, the read-only memory is supposed to be destroyed to avoid the proliferation.

Special division of Ministry of War is dedicated to program tasks for mortabots. Misprogramming of mortabot is considered as heavy crime; almost so heavy, as the election fraud.

Mortabots translate video of their action in real time; everyone with computer may see, what each mortabot is doing. Significant part of resources of libraries are spent to store the compressed videos by mortabots.


Prototypes of mortabot are denoted as "drone"s [1][2][3]


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